According to Matt Badiali, an expert in the mining and agricultural industry and also the founder of the Real wealth strategist, Freedom checks are cash payments made to investors who invest in the gas and oil industries. They are an entirely legitimate type of investment.

The cash payments were even legalized by a Congress that took place and was heald in the year 1987 and gave over 500 companies the right and freedom of issuing the free checks. The companies granted with this right had met the requirements of the statue 26-f.

The uniqueness of this cash payments is that they don’t resemble any retirement account, they are not part of any government programs, and neither are they IRA’s. The advantage of this cash payments is that they even exceed the total payout of the social security by sixty or seventy percent. It is also a free type of investment, where there is no restriction on who to join. Age or income are a non-issue. Visit to know more.

Matt Badiali discovered these freedom checks when he was up and about, touring various mining industries, which is gas and oil, where he came across companies that produced the freedom checks. Mr Matt badiali did not leave this idea behind, but took it and introduced it to Americans, who have to open an account with $49, to start the investment.

The companies that issue this freedom checks are known as the MLP’s, which stands master limited partnerships. The companies are allowed to sell the checks under certain grounds, that first, and they must be able to make a profit of 90% from their series, which include processing, productions, and transportation of gas and oil and this is a process referred to as distribution by the MLP Companies.Secondly, they have to pay the freedom checks to their stakeholders.

Investing in the limited master companies is a completely supported move by President Nixon because it will not only benefit the United States but also make them self-reliant. The president even offered to reward anyone who invests in the gas and oil industries.

Investing in the master limited companies is not a challenge since the investors do not have to open any particular account. The payments are made directly to their accounts or through mailing. The checks can be invested through one’s online account. Investment analysts have fully confirmed that indeed checks are an investment worth investing in. See more:



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