Vijay Eswaran career path that led him to co-found in the opening of QI Group

In 1960 7th October at Penang, Malaysia that’s where Eswaran was born. At the time the father of Vijay Eswaran Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu was offering his services at the ministry. For the mother, Pushpavathy Chinnaiah was working as a teacher. Because of the work the father was going the family had to relocate so many times. However, that did not stophis mother and father from making sure that he had the best education. After finishing his high school education is 1984, he got admission to London School of Economics where he got his degree in socio-economics.

After graduating, he worked in menial jobs one being that he was harvesting grapes and in Belgium, he got employed at a construction site. Things changed direction when he moved to the UK. That’s where he came to know of something called binary system marketing. The tool that will help with the multi-level marketing. Though for him to work in the filled he had to study for it and that’s why led him to get the UK CIMA qualification. In 1986 he decided that he wanted to explore more and Vijay joined Southern Illinois University where he got his MDA. He didn’t commit all his time to studying, at part-time he offered his services to Synaptics.

At Southwest Asia and North America, Vijay Eswaran offered his services to companies that dealt with the information system engineering. After 13 years of being away from Malaysia, he decided that it was time to move back, where he got the invitation from Cosway Group to work in the Philippines in controlling their marketing operations. That is what triggered him to be more serious when it came to multi-level marketing.

In 1998, Eswaran decided that he was ready for something big and he decided to start his own company. He co-founded the start of MLM that later grew to QI Group. The company offers all the services of e-commerce that will interest themselves in things like training, luxury products, wellness, corporate investment, and telecommunication. Despite his career success, he has written about what the experiences that he encountered taught him. That is well detailed with specific skills and motivational ways of doing everything.


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