Jeff Yastine Shares insights on Kennedy Accounts

Jeff Yastine is a renowned journalist and author based in Delray Beach, Florida. He joined Banyan hill publishing in 2015 and has made remarkable achievements in the company through his publications. He contributes in writing Sovereign Investor daily and Winning Investor daily. The primary role of the weekly publishing’s is to educate its readers and investors to understand the business world, monetary trends and profit-making business opportunities. He is also the chief editor of Total Wealth Insider, a publication that guides Americans on how to grow their wealth by investing safely. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

Banyan hill is lucky to have Mr. Yastine in their company as he brings in more than two decades experience as a stock market and financial knowledge. Before joining Banyan hill, Yastine spent the better part of his career as a journalist specializing in financial journalism. He first worked as a local television reporter, and this was immediately after graduating from the University of Florida. In 1993, he joined PBS’, a nationally broadcast night business report where he worked as a Miami based anchor.

As a national correspondent, Jeff Yastine was able to identify profit-making investment opportunities for the broadcast viewers. In his line of duty, he had a chance to interview prominent investors, entrepreneurs and financial experts and also learned international stock market trends.

As an editor, Jeff frequently shares his ideasst on Recently, he wrote an article on cybersecurity. Yastine believes that cash is flowing into cybersecurity. He advises that this is the best time to invest in cybersecurity as its stock is shooting high. He has also written an article recommending amazon competitors that investors should invest. According to Jeff Yastine, eBay is a likely candidate to compete with Amazon. eBay has a network of descent warehouse, and if it merges with Google, it will give a dominant start in competing with Amazon.

Jeff Yastine has recently released an article on Kennedy accounts. Kennedy accounts are direct stock purchase plans also known as dividend investment plan. Buying Kennedy accounts is different from purchasing common stocks since you are buying directly from the company without the help of a broker. Buying Kennedy accounts comes with various benefits; no commission fee for shares, frequent purchase gives you more substantial dividend payments and the investment pays lower fees. Kennedy accounts were founded by John F Kennedy when he was running for office. During the campaign period, the American economy was not healthy enough to take care of its families. As a leader with a vision, he wanted America to thrive its economic state. Visit:



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