Talkspace Heals Work Related Issues

Depression and anxiety are not subjects that many people are willing to talk about to anyone. This is because it is commonly seen as weakness to need help. However, an Olympic Gold medalist proved that wrong. Michael Phelps was dealing with serious cases of depression and anxiety in the autumn of 2014. He spent 5 days locked in his room without speaking to anyone. It was not until he realized that he couldn’t handle these issues alone. He was able to show people that reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness but one of courage. Michael soon teamed up with Talkspace to help other people that were having similar issues.

After teaming up with Talkspace, Michael was able to share his story with a wider audience. He was able to relate to more people through this approach. The Talkspace app is an app that allows the users to maintain constant communication with a professional therapist with their mobile device or on their computers. Communication is available through unlimited text, audio, picture, and video messaging. This has allowed many people to be helped, especially people with work place related issues.

The Talkspace app recently revealed that a vast majority of its users are communicating about their issues that emerge from work related incidents. A recent article written on the crunchbase profile of the Talkspace app showed that many people are constantly suffering from work related issues such as prejudices, office bullying, and sexual harassment. Many of the issues are not being labeled as “microaggressions”. These microaggressions have been shown to have many detrimental effects on the employees.

The negative effects that the microaggressions have on many people include the fear of going to work. That’s a scary thought. Especially since a pretty big majority of people spend about a third of their entire day at work. To have to continuously go to a place that is causing you issues is definitely something that can affect people in a severely scary way. According to the article written on the Talkspace crunchbase profile, the microaggressions also greatly affect the productivity of the workers. These are all issues that are being healed through the use of the innovative app.


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