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Thanks to social media, people have been able to share more things about themselves, their friends, and what else is important to them than ever before. People can use platforms like Twitter to share virtually everything they can think of and hopefully have people interact with those posts – such interactions include engagements – post views are the same thing as engagements – likes, retweets, comments, and anything else that brings them recognition.

Shervin Pishevar is an avid investor and businessperson who has been active in both fields for longer than two consecutive decades. As such, Pishevar knows tons of things about both fields that most people don’t know – he decided to tell the world about what he thought would happen to such fields throughout 2018 earlier this year.

The tweetstorm that Shervin Pishevar published earlier this year was a good one

Shervin Pishevar took a break from Twitter and other social media outlets for about two or three months from the end of 2017 to the first week of February of this year. When he came back in the evening of February 5, 2018, Pishevar shared with his loyal followers that he would soon be sharing many of his thoughts with them.

Just hours later, the tweetstorm happened.

One of the things that Shervin Pishevar tweeted about was that he thought “inflation is dead.” He said that he felt confident that inflation would soon strike the United States Dollar because the country’s economy had long exported any and all causes of inflation. He predicted that this rise would come over the next few years. It hasn’t come yet, but then again, the few-year-long period isn’t even halfway over.

He also claimed that the bond market wouldn’t do very well in the near future because of factors like quantitative easing. This is a method of making sure a country’s currency holds its value and doesn’t deflate, though it can cause other problems in the long run if it isn’t handled the right way.

Lastly, he also claimed that the Silicon Valley startup tech industry would move out of Silicon Valley because of the Internet – with the World Wide Web, Silicon Valley can be anywhere.


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