Peter Briger the example for how Professionals Giving Back

If you were to simply look at the business dealings of Peter Briger and were to understand the new levels he has helped to elevate Fortress Investment Group towards, then you would consider it an incredible task. Already a success in his field, Peter Briger took his Wharton education and was able to push Fortress Investments to a whole new level. The success he has found with respect to profits and return on investments, however, is only one small piece of the puzzle for Briger. And, as his day to day activities and behavior have shown, he is far more interested in the total human experience and the overall body of work than just getting a positive return out of a company.

Peter Briger is one of the model citizens others are (and should be) expected to follow and emulate. As a young man with considerable amounts of wealth, he could almost get a free pass for excluding himself from the day to day needs of society. However, for Peter Briger, it is about developing the next generation, giving back, and making sure that each and every individual he comes into contact with will have the opportunity to move forward and be touched in a positive way. And while spending dozens of hours per week or month on charity or mentoring others might not be the most important thing on everyone’s list, the fact of the matter is it definitely helps. When individuals are looking for a place to park their money, retirement, and entire financial future, one of the biggest things Briger brings to the table is the fact that his heart and actions are in the right place.

Some individuals may still have questions about Fortress Investment Group, the way the markets are going, what their risk tolerance is and should be, or even more. However, when it comes to understanding the most important ways of getting the best investment while minimizing risk, the work of Peter and the rest of his staff sure do seem to answer a lot of questions. When it comes to their true motives, however, that is not a mystery.

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