How the President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle, is Revolutionizing the Gaming Marketplace with the Blockchain

OPSkins, the international leader of virtual asset sales in-game and that is also the top bitcoin trader around the world. With Malcolm CasSelle as CIO and a global audience of users who regularly perform cross-border micro-payments, the organization is a leading candidate in regards to market capacity and user interest for decentralized protocols. But as OPSkins is the head of the centralized shopping space of virtual funds, there are restrictions to the technological abilities of any centralized tools. One is making the decentralized forum for virtual funds the logical next step in this transformation.

The founders of OPSkins are starting a new virtual asset trading blockchain platform nicknamed Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). As a P2P place for the exchanging of digital assets, WAX is constructed upon a base of decentralized and blockchain smart contracts allowing sellers and buyers to easily trade virtual assets with each other.

WAX resolves a couple of the largest problems with virtual asset markets, fraud and fragmentation. It does this with a plain blockchain-enabled tool that allows every user to instantly sell and buy virtual goods with no need to ever click off a game.

WAX’s Blockchain Integrates a Disunited Virtual Asset Marketplace

Among today’s virtual asset trading system, we can notice a mixture of regional and local marketplaces that are weakened at the origin due to language, security concerns and payment processing that lead to restrictions of regions or countries. The sole answer to this “fragmented” marketplace is a blockchain technology and the WAX Token is establishing the use of blockchain in eSports by developing a frictionless space for sellers and buyers to handily tokenize and sell their property in a fraud-proof environment powered with a blockchain.

The WAX Token allows users to tokenize gaming properties and instantly sell and buy gaming assets from another player with no requirement to enter a new screen. With WAX’s manageable blockchain-enabled device, every player can instantaneously buy assets from someone else in a frictionless manner.


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