Randal Nardone was awarded a degree at the School of Law in the University of Connecticut in Boston of bachelor in English and Biology. He opened up his own firm, after winding up the education and where he was ready for new challenges. He was well attached to the field of finance, where he has been working with his clients from the past. He knew how to maneuver by attaining new improvements which would help his company to grow to the highest level.

By using his previous experience Randal Nardone started and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. Nardone used to be known for excellent skills and an expert in the field of finance for a quiet period of time. He helped by bringing up great ideas in this firm, giving out advice and aid to companies countrywide. The Financial raising for other companies made him much famous. He started an investment firm so that gives his best in every endeavor.

Randal Nardone is the best executives and a member of the board of directors that runs Fortress investment group. Randal has played a big role in improving the firm to its current status as being the leading financial firm. His legal background has enabled him to offer effective management in the firm. Randel is well conversant with the financial sector from the previous entrepreneur course he gained and this has given him a chance to bring down all the challenges he faces in his career.

Randal Nardone is one of the key figures in the acquisition of the Fortress SoftBank group in 2017 this was an idea he had as to invest in more profitable businesses. The Softbank was attracted to Fortress due to good client service they offered and also outstanding leadership. Randal says that the investors are very positive after this acquisition. This has brought about an increased movement of doing business due to the large exposure of resources. Randal now is operating as an independent company in SoftBank. People say that Randal is ranked highest on the billionaires in the globe with a net worth of $1.8billion which they say he made when fortress partnered with Robert Kauffman.


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