Brightline and Fortress Investment Group To Offer Route Between Las Vegas And Victorville

There are certain popular travel routes in the United States that are just too long to conveniently drive and too short to consider the hassles of flying on an airline. This is where Brightline and their new passenger rails are coming into the picture. While there are many people that think trains are outdated, Brightline by Fortress Investment Group is looking to change these opinions and show the world that passenger trains are the transportation of the future.

While there are only a few connected cities today, Fortress Investment Group is already working on expanding their services to many different regions in the United States. One of the most recent expansions involves a route that goes between Las Vegas and Southern California. This route is traveled by approximately 50 million people each year and always by car or plane. While the airline trip may only take about an hour for the flight itself, everyone knows that a plane trip can sometimes take hours longer than the flight itself. The car ride between the 2 areas can take around a grueling 4 hours which can be considerably longer if there are additional traffic backups.

Fortress Investment Group is banking on travelers wanting more options than the ones available today. Brightline offers a unique experience from other modes of travel with impressive amenities such as allowing you to charge your electronics at no extra cost. Many people see their commute as stressful, but with Brightline you can be comfortable for the whole trip.

Brightline recently acquired another rail line, XpressWest and their funding options opened up greatly. The owner of Brightline, Fortress Investment Group, is a private equity firm that is recognized as being one of the premier business in their field. The company, which was founded by Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone in 1998, was the first in its field to offer an IPO.

The new Brightline stations would be on the Las Vegas Strip with a station in Victorville for the stop in Southern California. They estimate that the route will take around 2 hours. As more people see the potential in train travel, the company Fortress Investment Group will continue to expand Brightline.


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