Eric Lefkofsky : Connecting The Medical Field

Eric Lefkofsky is one the world’s leading serial entrepreneurs, co-founding and growing companies such as Group an e-commerce marketplace as well as Uptake a predictive analytics platform for businesses and many more. Eric Lefkofsky’s recent venture is in the medical field as the founder and CEO of Tempus Technologies, a company that assists doctors in bringing personalized care for cancer patients. In a sit-down interview with Eric Lefkofsky, we go in-depth about some questions surrounding Tempus and a few questions about his own personal life regarding motivation and advice.

How was the concept of Tempus Technology created?

Eric Lefkofsky stated that the idea for this company came after a close member of his family was diagnosed with cancer and was shocked that doctors had no communication in terms of data sharing and access to the same technology that other doctors had. This absence of available resources evidently was the reason for the founding of Tempus.

What is your routine every day and how has that help you create such a successful life?

For Eric Lefkofsky he never considers any day to have a “routine”, his days are filled with running from meeting to meeting and having to calm conflicts that arise within the company. In his early days, Eric stated that he would make a point of getting to the office earlier than anyone in order to do work without the distractions. It was not until he began working from home that he says his days became way more productive.

What in the future is exciting you?

Biotech according to Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most promising technologies in the field of brain disease. Biotech has the potential to help diagnose these diseases earlier than usual in order to better combat the effects. The ability to look into the human brain will be able to help us study it in ways that we’ve never been able to. Click here



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