ClassDojo Reveals New Enhanced App

In 2011, a new application was released to the public that helped to connect parents, students, and educators like never before. The new application, which is called ClassDojo, is a unique application that is shared by all stakeholders in a child’s education. While it started as a basic communication tool to share student education data, it has continued to grow and expand over the past seven years. Today, it is estimated that one in six students across the country use the ClassDojo on a regular basis.

Due to the rapid growth and expansion of the ClassDojo application, the app has also grown the interest of investors. This has included raising several rounds of venture capital and private equity, which have valued the company at more than $15 million. While investors have been intrigued by the potential and growth of the application, some ClassDojo have been concerned that their investment had not yet turned much of a profit.

While there were always plenty of ways to see that the application could make money, there is a new system and function that could allow the company to finally monetize and provide a great return to investors. The company recently announced that there is a new function in the application called “ClassDojo Beyond School.”. This new part of the application will provide many different features that can help a parent and teacher connect like never before.

The application will include many enhanced communication devices, but will also provide ancillary services that can help to improve and expand the student’s education. The application will be able to provide a parent with additional lessons that could be used to act as additional homework for a struggling child. Additionally, the application could be used to for mindfulness activities to promote exercise, yoga, and meditation.

For those that download the new enhanced application, there will be a monthly charge and service fee applied. This new communication platform will help when it comes to creating community in the school, but will also create a whole new revenue stream for the ClassDojo company and investors. This could then be used to fuel more growth in the future.


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