Krishen Iyer And His Career

Despite not graduating from San Diego State until 2004, Krishen Iyer was a successful entrepreneur long before that. As a sophomore, he established his first company known as IHS Insurance back in 2002. He continued on with this endeavor for many years after graduation. In 2009, he opened another company known as Name My Premium which sells premium domain names to help consumers ensure their websites stand out from the competition. Finally, in 2014, Krishen Iyer disbanded IHS Insurance although it’s not clear exactly why he chose to close up shop. A year later, he walked away from his other company as well, again for undisclosed reasons. However, not long afterward, he established his current company, Managed Benefits Services.

He currently serves as the company’s founder and CEO. In the business world, there are numerous marketing companies who have needs that are constantly going unmet but, fortunately, MBS is attempting to rectify that situation. The main goal of the company, as Krishen Iyer has stated on multiple occasions, is to ensure these marketing companies have all the tools they need to maintain consistent economic growth and prosperity. He came up with the idea for this business when he realized that this was becoming a growing epidemic throughout the country. The best $100 Krishen Iyer ever spent is when he went to a karaoke bar with his colleagues and offered free drinks to anyone daring enough to go onto the stage and sing one of the songs on the machine. He has often stated that Stephen King’s book about writing memoirs is one of his favorites as he believes it to be a very effective tool for any and all aspiring entrepreneurs. So we wish him the best of luck in the future of his career and hope he is successful.


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