McDonalds and OSI Group: A Tale of Two Food Industries Giants

OSI Group McDonalds shares a common history, both companies significantly helped each other to be successful in the past. During the 1950s, McDonald’s emerged as a premiere restaurant organization. The company was just getting started and it was using OSI Group’s meat products to sell to the public.

In those days, OSI Group was simply called Otto and Sons. They were a family owned business that emerged in 1909. A smart butcher named Otto Kolschowsky started this organization. He was very successful at what he did. By the time Ray Kroc opened up the first McDonald’s; Kolschowsky’s business was a huge success.

Ray Kroc forged a business agreement with Otto’s sons and not the famed butcher who started the family’s business. Kroc shook hands with the sons of Otto and they quickly provided the first McDonald’s fast food places with the meats they needed for their cheeseburgers and hamburgers. During that time, Kroc created a streamlined process that allowed employees to quickly make and serve meals to their customers.

People loved the flavorful meats that came from Otto and Sons. These meats were full of flavor and very tasty. For many years, Otto and Sons provided the meat that many people have fallen in love with. This helped them to become the world’s number one restaurant. OSI Group McDonalds both gained success in those days.

Otto and Sons had changed their name to OSI Group in the mid-70s. By that time, the company had been working with McDonalds for nearly 25 years. OSI Group knows how closely linked together they are with McDonalds in terms of their initial success. OSI Group McDonalds share a great heritage in the fast food industry. They helped to shape this field into what it is today.

OSI Group McDonalds are now serving customers in different ways. OSI Group has branched off into serving various restaurants and also provides meats to stores and markets across the globe. McDonald’s has focused on becoming the world’s number one fast food organization. Both companies are still going strong and they are expected to grow well into the future.

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