Month: January 2019

HGGC Gets New Funds Makes Investment in FPX

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FPX is a leading firm in business Configure Price Quote (CPQ) matters. On 9/27/2017, the company let the public know that HGGC had invested with them. HGGC is a leading private equity business. The firm acquired FPX in the year 2016. Now, its investment in FPX will allow the company to expand globally, increase product…

Adam Milstein: An Active Israel-American Philanthropist

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Adam Milstein is the founder of Adam and the Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He provides philanthropic and charitable services to a wide range of firms to strengthen the State of Israel, the Jewish People, and the Israel – U.S. relationship. Adam is currently the co-founder and a National Chairperson of the American-Israel Committee, where he…

Ted Bauman tenacity leads to success

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Ted Bauman currently resides in the city of Atlanta, in Georgia. In 2008, he began serving as Director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. He then continued his career working as an editor for The Bauman Letter in the year of 2013 in September. He enjoys working full-time as a researcher and…

How Stream Energy Plans to Change Charity in Texas

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If you’re going to live in the state of Texas you’re going to have to get used to some intense weather, including the potential for severe hurricanes. Hurricane Harvey was one such superstorm. When it struck Texas major cities found themselves inundated under several feet of water. People couldn’t return to their homes or even…

Stream Energy Cares for its Community

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Stream Cares is the philanthropic wing of Dallas energy company Stream Energy. They were one of the first companies to help after the hurricane in Houston. As the storm devastated parts of Houston, Stream Energy used its profits to help families rebuild their lives. For over 12 years the company has been helping people in…

Isn’t it Romantic? Rebel Wilson’s Romantic Comedy

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Rebel Wilson is an Australian comedian, actress, writer and producer. HEr romantic comedy trailer starts with a scene of preteen Natalie, sitting on the rug watching the movie Pretty Woman. As the song, plays loudly in the background an older woman walks into the room and takes a seat on the sofa. She tells Natalie…

The Far-Cry Of Dallas, Texas and Nexbank

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It would be a far-cry to suggest that New York City will be relocated to Dallas, Texas, yet the financial ambition of agencies like NexBank may force you to really consider the potential. The best you can do is sign up for a new account now, and take advantage of a bright era. There are…


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