How Stream Energy Plans to Change Charity in Texas

If you’re going to live in the state of Texas you’re going to have to get used to some intense weather, including the potential for severe hurricanes. Hurricane Harvey was one such superstorm. When it struck Texas major cities found themselves inundated under several feet of water. People couldn’t return to their homes or even approach their neighborhoods for days, in some cases weeks. Businesses and charities alike chipped in to help out, and there was Dallas’ own Stream Energy in the mix.

Philanthropy has been part of how the company has tried to brand itself to the public, as one that is invested in their welfare. This made it easy to take the next step and form their own foundation to centralize their charitable activities. Having spent more than a decade playing a role in the Texas charity community, Stream Energy is looking to use their foundation to better promote this legacy of giving.

Stream Energy has established working relationships with known charities like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The work done with those groups solidified their reputation as a company that is ready to help out. When North Texas was facing a Christmastime with tornadoes, Stream Energy connected with the Salvation Army to assist in the recovery effort. Stream Cares looks to continue that philanthropic streak but narrowing their concentration on Texas and the issues that affect the state directly.

By being so closely related to charities and volunteering, individual employees have pet causes they want to tackle, but Stream Energy has now pooled that passion to look at ways to better help Texans. Dallas, their hometown, has seen their homeless population increase by 24% in recent years, following a trend that has hit the rest of the state. Wanting to do their part, Stream Energy struck up a partnership with the Hope Supply Co. Together they host the annual A Splash of Hope Event that provides aid and comfort to homeless children and their families.

Unfortunately most Texas companies don’t share the same history. It’s often found to be among the least charitable stats in the country. But standing as a leader in charitable giving in the business community, showing them a better form of business is one that shows the public that you care


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