HGGC Gets New Funds Makes Investment in FPX

FPX is a leading firm in business Configure Price Quote (CPQ) matters. On 9/27/2017, the company let the public know that HGGC had invested with them. HGGC is a leading private equity business. The firm acquired FPX in the year 2016. Now, its investment in FPX will allow the company to expand globally, increase product growth, and at the same time improve its partnerships. This firm has always been successful in its investments in firms competing in the e-commerce industry.

The co-founder and CEO of HGGC, Rich Lawson, says that FPX is on the verge of dominating the CPQ industry. He continues to say that his company’s commitment and investment in FPX will take it to great heights. They settled on FPX because it was the only one with the vision, talent, expertise, and product capability that they wanted. FPX has made continued progress by expanding into Germany and England. There is now a strong international management team that has partnered with strategic partners such as Microsoft and SAP.

The CEO of FPX Dave Batt, says that the support they are getting from this firm, in addition to other financial investments, shows that the company has a big vision. The e-commerce market continues to transform as more B2B enterprises integrate CPQ solutions into their everyday operations. CPQ solution is a crucial business framework that is attracting more customers for B2B businesses. Batt says that FPX constantly offers leading CPQ solutions for large companies. In addition, the firm creates highly-effective operating models that support global clients’ business strategies. These are some of the reasons why HGGC’S investment in FPX is a great idea.

About HGGC

HGGC is a top private equity company. It has more than $4.3B in cumulative capital investments. The company’s main office is located in Palo Alto. It runs by the model advantaged investing. The model allows the firm to invest in other companies and obtain scalable businesses by partnering with founders, sponsors, and management

teams. The company has made great history over the years. It has managed to complete over 60 platform investments, recapitalizations, liquidity events, and acquisitions amounting to over $15B.


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