Month: February 2019

Agera Energy working for employees and employers

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Agera Energy is a private company born out of New York that specializes in energy. More than 700,000 consumers around the nation can attest to the electricity, natural gas and overall utilities it gives in the same way employees current and former can attest to how Agera Energy company is an employer. According to Agera…

Lincolnshire Management will bring you to Financial Success

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Created in the good year of nineteen eighty-six, the company known by the name of Lincolnshire Management is an equity that is privately run and has its focus upon the investment controlling in the developing market centered companies. The establishment has put an investment in a wide range of differing types of industries and markets…

Nitin Khanna View on Productivity and Service Delivery

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Nitin Khanna is one of the professionals that have been consistent for the last 15 years. In the last 15 years, he has been part of the most important period in technology in Portland, Oregon. In the last one and a half decade, he has been part of the professionals that have revolutionized federal government…

Affiliate Dork Krishen Iyer

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Krishen Iyer, a famous business entrepreneur and company owner is the CEO and founder of MBS, otherwise known as “Managed Benefits Services, Inc”. His firm specializes in health, life, and dental insurance lead management and consultation. Among all of his efforts and success, this well experienced business savvy man has managed to find ways to…

Isabel de Santos: African will go Places Because of Digitalization

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Women are changing their roles in the community. In the past, the society believed that the only place where a woman was meant to stay and focus all her time was in the house. In the African community, women are still left at home to cook and watch their children grow. This dangerous trend is…


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