Isabel de Santos: African will go Places Because of Digitalization

Women are changing their roles in the community. In the past, the society believed that the only place where a woman was meant to stay and focus all her time was in the house. In the African community, women are still left at home to cook and watch their children grow. This dangerous trend is coming to an end in many areas of the world. Many nations have started to educate and empower their women to go to school and acquire education. When the women in the community have the opportunity to attend school, then nothing stops them from becoming successful people in the corporate world. The wealthiest woman in the African continent goes by the name Isabel de Santos, and she is believed to be the daughter of a former president of Angola.

Although she was raised in a family where she lacked nothing, Dos Santos put so much effort in her career so that she could get to her current status in the society. In a recent conference, the businesswoman had a lot to say about her content. According to her, people in Africa are behind when it comes to developments and business because they are not using the latest technology in the best way (ITWEB).

Dos Santos shared in the conferences some essential secrets that can help many nations in Africa and get to the top and enjoy success just like other successful countries of the world. Becoming digital is the only way to success for all the African nations. In the past, when everything was becoming digital, some people in the world thought that this was a way of losing opportunities because most of their positions in the office or even in the workplace would be replaced by machines. However, Isabel Dos Santos says that this should never be the case. Digitization makes work easier and creates the best opportunities for the people who know how to handle the pressure that comes with it. People who have chosen to digitalize their services in the market are enjoying better services and increased sales compared to those who have chosen to remain with their traditional way of conducting business.

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