Affiliate Dork Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer, a famous business entrepreneur and company owner is the CEO and founder of MBS, otherwise known as “Managed Benefits Services, Inc”. His firm specializes in health, life, and dental insurance lead management and consultation. Among all of his efforts and success, this well experienced business savvy man has managed to find ways to continue his company’s growth and share his tips and tricks to help others shine.

His efforts and messages have helped him to be recognized as a trusted and valuable source and as a result, has landed him in a number of articles and other news sources. Recently, he discussed tips on affiliate marketing for companies to gain traffic through other business websites, as a type of paid advertising. Even more recent, Iyer has talked about companies capitalizing on marketing the latest and top technology, a home device like “Amazon Echo” and “Google Home”. You can read more about marketing here.

Iyer has spoken on the topic and encouraged many business owners to market these devices by selling them or through paid advertising to gain traffic and awareness. Through unfortunate events, it seems that only bigger companies have managed to sell, market, and advertise the devices, otherwise, it’s been a little bit more difficult for small companies. This is because of the home devices exclusion of paid advertising. Those that have managed to find ways around this, however, hire others from the larger companies like Iyer’s Managed Benefits Services to help with the advertising.

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