Nitin Khanna View on Productivity and Service Delivery

Nitin Khanna is one of the professionals that have been consistent for the last 15 years. In the last 15 years, he has been part of the most important period in technology in Portland, Oregon. In the last one and a half decade, he has been part of the professionals that have revolutionized federal government service deliveries. Some of the areas Nitin Khanna has been part of include unemployment registration, and vehicle registration. During this period, he also has part of voters’ registration and documenting driver licenses. According to pundits, Khanna was part of the professionals that revolutionized service delivery, especially when working with the federal government. More about this first venture is detailed here

Currently, he is part of the MergerTech as both the chairman and the face of the company. Nitin Khanna has been able to inject a lot of professionalism and experience in this fast growing company. One of the key areas that he is passionate about is productivity. According to him, productivity is one of the most important aspects in the modern corporate world. With well-thought products, Nitin Khanna is certain that he will change the corporate world to become service and client oriented. Thanks to Nitin Khanna experience in selling his ideas, the company has made many strides towards its main goal. It is also in this short span that Nitin Khanna has restructured the company to the following business path.

First, MergerTech is concentrating on start-ups and this according to him; start-ups are the future of innovation and the business world. Second, Nitin Khanna is using his position to give distressed businesses another chance, which according to him was lacking prior MergerTech. Thirdly, he is passionate about growing companies, and he believes that giving these companies a chance to find new investment is the best move in ensuring that they achieve their aspirations and goals. He has discussed this in a video on YouTube via this link

In one of the latest interviews, Nitin Khanna pointed out that the main reason why MergerTech is a fast growing entity is due to research. In each progress or business move, Khanna pointed out that research to them is irreplaceable. This culture of research according to him helps the company to understand trends in investment. After understanding these trends, MergerTech use the knowledge to put their clients in profit making paths.


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