Jana Messerschmidt the Consumer Investment of Lightspeed

Jana Messerschmidt joined the Lightspeed consumer investment team. She held many jobs involving investments, engineering, business development sales, and marketing during her career. Jana Lightspeed graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Engineering. She was the Vice President of Global Business Development. Jana is the one who helped with strategic partnership, companies sales, creating relations partner engineering and marketing. She was a director of business at Netflix. When she was working Netflix she focused on the growth of Netflix earlier streaming business. In 2015, she co-founded an investment collective group called #ANGELS. #ANGELS worked with different investment topics such as color and Winnie. Her investment group,#ANGELS, has over fifty investments they handle. The investment collective is to help women with their own startups. Jana Lightspeed is passionate about hosting events and conversation to build communities, unique networks, and promoting women in the pioneering fields. Miss Messerschmidt is considered not the average engineer in the field.

Lightspeed hired six new team members after they raised 1.8 billion dollars. Lightspeed is under Silicon Valley’s faster-growing venture firms. Out of the six new hires, Jana Messerschmidt was one of them. Five of the new hires came from Twitter. Jana is easily recognizable among many tech insiders. She was interested in Lightspeed for their team-oriented style of work. The founder of Lightspeed approached Jana about the position at the company. The offer to join Lightspeed came during her break from working with Twitter. The teamwork was shown through the meetings and reference calls made.

Other team members who joined Lightspeed came from different companies like Grace who arrived from the Slack. Another new hire, Brasier, who was a long time employee of the Thumbtack. Madhesrwaran and Ye who also came to work for the company. Zimmerman who use to work with The Hill and Gawker.


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