Rocketship Education (Western Learning – Personalized)

Rocketship Education is a chain public education system where it goes to 5th grade and does college prep. While founded in San Jose, CA, it bases itself in California with about 450 students/school. Lunch is provided with English being spoken as a 2nd language given the demographic. Education in most viable transfer of knowledge is often in pursuit however comes with deeply rooted problems, mistreatment often leads to complacency in not pursuing stewardship.

In pursuit of best education, one must analyze the issue at hand. Classroom management with high expectations enable a classroom where achievement is too focused which lowers down on what Albert Einstein has supposedly quoted, ‘creativity is much more important than knowledge.’ This quote has lost meaning, but the principle is one must pursue both knowledge and creativity while upholding important valued ideas of hard work and blood, sweat, and tears involved. This includes training with a positive perspective. Practices cross the line when it becomes too strict where it harms the student’s ability to think instead of follow. Following is great in specific situations alongside leadership but the most important is critical thinking. Read in details in this article.

Technological use varies but has shown to increase among people perspectives in human studies. This arises the question of, ‘how is this technology affecting the student’s education?’ Rocketship education critique different programs on education and ask the quality of such education. Rocketship education explore how the technology would affect and that is simply done through active learning instead of passive learning where information is leaked past your learning. The lab rotation model exchange activities where students learn more without tiring out on the specific action. Intervention is involved with staffing to aid the students. The situation does vary on the culture but in western learning, Rocketship Education must ask these questions to further understand how to educate such students.

Despite the critics towards the system, it has been able to learn and grow from past criticism as seen here

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