Redefining private equity Gareth Henry, a seasoned financial expert

Gareth Henry is a private equity guru with vast experience in finance. He has for the last couple of years acquired expertise working with various organizations. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh, he is among the most brilliant alumni in the actuarial mathematics department. Currently, Gareth Henry works as a Global Head of Investor Relations for various large Alternative Investment relations.

About Gareth Henry

Gareth has worked for Schroders plc as the head of strategic solutions and prior director of international investor relations. His appointment brought him at Fortress Investment Group in the United States making him one of the prominent people in the in the company. When working at Fortress Investment Group, he dealt with clients from Europe, the Middle East, United Kingdom, and Europe. Gareth Henry led some of the company’s lucrative deals such as the $4 billion hedge fund business. He has also worked Angelo, Gordon & Co firm. In this firm, he managed the company’s largest accounts that brought billions of dollars in credit products and real estate. Recently, he was appointed to work for an investing company as a managing director. In this organization, he will be in charge of overseeing the firm’s operations in Singapore, New York, Doha, Abu Dhabi, UK, as well as Bahrain and New York.

Gareth Henry’s interview with Ideamesch

Gareth told Ideamesch that he brings ideas to life with enthusiasm and passion. He is fascinated by cryptocurrencies and blockchain. According to Gareth, these two trends have revolutionized business opportunities significantly. This professional has high regard for mentorship. He accredits his success to his mentors who have taught leadership and new business strategies. He also has a program at the Heriot-Watt University where he mentors young professionals studying actuarial science looking to venture in finance.

He also offers bursaries to students who have demonstrated excellence in their academic performance and are financially challenged. He also loves to take time to meditate and develop his personal growth. Recently, he spent $100 to acquire learning materials to assist him to expand his financial knowledge. He has a liking for new gadgets, and he recently started using a Lenovo laptop after the company launched a new version.


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