Agera Energy Vows to Help Those Who are in Need

Ever since its launch in 2104, Agera Energy has long been synonymous with credibility, reliability and efficiency to those who have used its solution.

The company, which provides energy supply in select states and energy efficiency solutions across all 50 states in the U.S., has been able to bring over 1.8 million contract customers on board due to the sheer quality of its service.

Serving both residential and industrial customers alike, Agera Energy has been able to provide top of the line energy solutions to both small and large scale consumers.

But this achievement to have grown this exponentially in a period of five years hasn’t gone unnoticed by the team at Agera Energy. The organization believes that it has its customers and the community to thank for allowing it to be a part of their everyday lives.

Keeping this in mind, the company maintains a goal-driven community program by the name of Agera Cares.

What is Agera Cares?

Agera Cares was developed with the goal to help the community and show the energy supplier’s appreciation to the people that allow it to extend its outreach in such a significant manner.

The philanthropic program comprises of sponsorships, food drives, cloth drives, and volunteering efforts by the company and its staff.

All of these events and programs are distributed across various causes such as to help the homeless, assist those with mental illnesses, and to share resources with the families of first responders who give their lives while saving others.

Agera Cares has been an integral program of Agera Energy, and the impressively grown company intends to keep it running to help the local communities accordingly.


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