Matt Badiali Continues To Make Accurate Calls Regarding Investment Opportunities In The Natural Resource Sector

Many people know Matt Badiali as the natural resource investment guru who revealed the benefits of Freedom Checks to the world. Others know him as their go to guy for getting information about the stock market. He has been writing for Banyan Hill Publishing in recent years and reaches many people through his newsletter the Real Wealth Strategist. When Badiali makes a stock recommendation, people pay attention, and they do so because he has been making correct calls in the natural resource investment sector for many years.

Matt Badiali began his adult life by attending Penn State University. He eventually earned his bachelor’s degree in earth sciences while there. He went on to study at Florida Atlantic University, which is where he earned his Master of Science degree in geology. Badiali was on his way to earn his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina when a friend talked him into getting into the world of finance. His friend figured that Badiali could use his scientific knowledge to understand the natural resource investment industry, and he was right.

Today, Matt Badiali stays busy by helping people from all over the world to make smarter investments. He has been advocating for precious metals as a sound investment in recent years and has made countless correct calls in the stock market. On Medium, Badiali writes many different articles that cover the reasons why specific precious metals are a good investment. He has recently been sounding the trumpet for gold mining companies and also believes that zinc and silver could be good investments for 2019.

Matt Badiali has also recently been educating his readers about the changes that are taking place in the energy sector. He is sure that there is going to be a huge shift in the industry that favors electricity as the most used form of energy. This means that fossil fuels will be slowly phased out. He believes that the only thing that is keeping this from happening right now is that there is not a large enough battery to store large amounts of electricity. Once this happens, he is sure that the industry will explode.

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