Allied Wallet Company Enhances Online Transaction via Innovative Technologies

Allied Wallet Inc. was founded by Andy Khawaja in 2002 to help clients in their online transaction processing. The company has highly qualified personnel with excellent customer service. The company utilises innovative technologies to help its clients make secure and reliable online payments and transactions. Andy Khawaja understood the sensitive information that business executives had regarding their companies and used this criterion to establish Allied Wallet Company. The company has technology experts dedicated to ensuring the company’s data remains secure all times through encryption. The company guarantees sensitive information security of firms through the use of state of the art payment processing innovative technologies.

Services Offered by Allied Wallet

Some of the advantages of utilising Allied Wallet Inc. services include quick and efficient account set up and the low transaction fees. The company improves the services by offering twenty-four hours live support from their customer service department. The online platform provided by the company facilitates secure transactions; hence companies can send and receive payments with ease. The company’s online platform facilitates transactions involving more than one hundred and sixty-four currencies from different currencies. The company has enabled business operations in online trading through its fast processing of transactions (Facebook).

The Introduction of New Features

Allied Wallet has demonstrated its commitment to improving their services through research and introduction of innovative technologies. The company’s chief executive officer, Andy Khawaja emphasises the goal of the company in easing transaction processes. The company’s NextGen platform is always updated to help clients take charge of their online transactions.

Allied Wallet Inc has announced new features of the NextGen platform that will transform the payment gateway. The improved version of NextGen features new open API tools. The new features will facilitate greater connectivity which will increase the compatibility and scalability of Allied solutions. The enhanced version of NextGen will allow anyone to create applications centered on online payment transactions within the existing platform.

The company has announced that it will continue to build the existing platform to enhance the clients’ experience with the platform. The company aims to provide quick credit card processing services and facilitate businesses to transact internationally.

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