Agera Energy: Powering The 21st Century

Agera Energy is a company that prides itself on taking action.

Agera was founded in the winter of 2014 in order to appeal to customers who were dissatisfied with their choice of energy suppliers. They were able to flourish after the energy deregulation in the United States. In its’ beginning, Agera Energy was serving its’ clients through acquiring a larger energy supplier. But now, they have over 1.8 million customers.

Agera Energy supplies homes and businesses with electricity and natural gas. And they realize that every single consumer has different needs, and uses their energy sources for different reasons. This is why they tailor their services to fit the need of the individual customer. In fact, they are also now offering renewable energy sources, as well as LED lighting. This includes plans that are based on pure wind energy sources.

They serve customers all over the United States.

Agera Energy is based out of Briarcliff Manor, New York. Their name means “to take action”. And Agera believes in strength in numbers. Their website is full of positive testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. They have also formed “Agera Cares”, in order to give back to the community around them.



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