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The Major Achievements of Bruno Fagali in the Brazilian Law Sector

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Bruno Fagali is a famous Brazilian Lawyer and also the famous founder Fagali Advocacy. He is known for his professionalism and also integrity to legal services. As a very experienced attorney, he happens to have a lot of expertise in the Anti-corruption and also public law and has been trusted for handling contracts like expropriation…

From The Big Screen To Business, Kate Hudson Leads Fabletics To The Top

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With the use of data and technology taking the world by storm, it should come as no surprise that the e-commerce industry is thriving. With their variety or price, sales and product offerings, Amazon have long held the spot as the worlds most successful online retailer. While other online retailes finding it hard to compete,…

Justice in the Society in Association with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

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The rate at which inequality and injustices are spreading is disturbing. Many nations are no longer strict on punishing those who break human rights. This has encouraged oppression and exploitation of the poor in the society. Thanks to the humanitarians, we can finally see some difference in the community. There many philanthropic groups that have…

A New Dawn for AmEx

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AmEx, one of the biggest card companies in the US, recently bid its long-serving chairman(Kenneth Chenault) and welcomed a brand new chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Squeri. Mr. Squeri is very enthusiastic and is positive that he will take the company to the next level despite the many challenges it has been facing lately….

Luz Carlos Trabuco Will Ensure that the Leadership Transition at Bradesco does not Affect its Margins

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Leadership transitions in companies are both inevitable and essential. Since organizations cannot avoid them, the smarter ones make sure to have processes and systems in place that facilitate smooth transitions. One such organization is Brazilian lender, Bradesco. The bank unexpectedly found in itself needing to appoint a new president after a top-level resignation in October….

Christopher Burch Leaves AmEx

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Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur born on the 28 of March 1953. He is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital firm located in New York. The firm manages brand development and ventures investment. Burch grew up in Wayne, Pennyslvania, in a middle-class home. His parents, Robin Sinkler and John Walter Burch were from…

Sujit Choudhry Internationally Recognized Authority on Comparative Law and Constitutional Building Process

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There is a constitutionally based rivalry going on between Catalan and Spain currently, and the leading legal scholars from across the globe are trying hard to mediate between the governments of these countries to diffuse tension. Sujit Choudhry is amongst the top constitutional scholars in the world today and is also the founder of the…

Sujit Choudhry; the go-to guy on Comparative Constitutional Law

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Different countries whether they are monarchial governments or democracies are governed by the law, of course except for the areas that prefer anarchy. But what is evident is that with the law, which is the constitution, it is easier to curb illegal activities. For this reason, there are various personalities with absolute knowledge on the…

What Chris Burch’s Role In American Express’s New Markets Is

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Christopher Burch, otherwise known as simply Chris Burch made a surprising announcement this last month when he made it official that he was no longer a customer of American Express and now used the J.P. Morgan Chase Sapphire card. One reason Burch had decided to do this is that the credit cards simply didn’t have…

Daniel Taubs Golden Era

Posted by in Israel

Being an ambassador is a career only few can pursue. This is because of the condition that it comes with that can’t be avoided. The greatest one is moving to live in a foreign land. Here you need to have the willingness to adjust to the changes. Daniel Taub is among the loyal individuals who…

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