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Serial Entrepreneur Chris Burch Creates Best Hotel In the World

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Wondering which hotel in the world is the best? The one that Chris Burch created on a small island near Indonesia definitely fits the bill. In fact, Travel + Leisure voted that it was the best hotel in 2016. That will come to no surprise to those who know Chris Burch. They are aware that…

Micheal Lacey

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Michael Lacey a talented professor and mathematician, was born on September 26, 1959. Setting himself up for greatness, he earned his bachelors of science in Mathematics at the University of Texas in 1981, and received his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1987 under the advisement of Walter Phillipp. His doctoral thesis, Laws…

NetPicks trains traders on how to make money from choppy summer trading

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Investors on Wall Street have in the past been accused of coming on as arrogant individuals especially the technology sector investors. However, this has dramatically changed over the past few weeks particularly after the recent technology sector selloff which was reported to have caused a stir among the technology sector investors, something we have not…

Chris Burch: Creating Paradise At Home

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Today the geographical spotlight shifted to turquoise waters verdant palm frowns of the island paradise previously known as Nihiwatu. Now, Nihi Sumba Island, located in Indonesia, it was recently named by ‘Travel + Leisure’ as the single greatest hotel resort in the world for the second time since 2016.   Check for more about this…

Matt Badiali: Promoting Mining Investments

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Matt Badiali is renowned American geologist who is currently working as an author for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is writing a series of articles for a publication entitled “Real Wealth Strategist,” which is being published by Banyan Hill Publishing and is being periodically released. His passion in the field of geology can be applied to…

Who Runs Securus Technologies?

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The current Chairman and CEO of Securus is Rick Smith. Rick Smith’s been with the company for many years and is a valued executive. Thanks to his brilliant business strategies, Rick Smith Securus is one of the strongest investments a community can make when it comes to public safety. Securus is one of the more…

A Health Plan That Grows With You

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As with each and every one of us in the world today, Troy McQuagge started his life from humble beginnings. However, it would not take him long to achieve great financial success. Perhaps the first step towards his incredible success began with his decision to pursue a bachelors of arts in legal studies at the…

Stream Energy: A Competitive Energy Corporation

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Stream Energy keeps on expanding their services to other states, and just recently, they added Delaware in their list of states being provided by their energy. Stream Energy is a company which offers different services that are related to connectivity and energy. They are currently offering wireless connectivity services, protective home services, and their newest…

George Soros Sees Trouble With Smearing Against Philanthropy

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George Soros is perhaps the most generous billionaire of our time. In a vein similar to Carnegie and Rockefeller, he has spent much of his fortune trying to help causes around the world that he feels are needed in order to build a more connected society. However, his efforts to bring forth a more open…

Nihiwatu Resort: The Biggest Investment Made By Chris Burch

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The Asian Pacific region is home to many dream vacation destinations due to the beautiful white sand beaches and many nature garden spots, but one resort that leads the way is Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia’s Sumba Island. This resort has villas built from the finest woodwork and all have magnificent views out to the ocean….

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