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New Zealand is the Pinnacle of Proper Policy

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A flood of precipitous preconceptions are drawn to the forefront of a civilian’s consciousness upon hearing the name “New Zealand”. Subsequently, encompassing notions are as far ranging as the human mind will allow; given humanity’s broad diversity, the spectrum of possibilities is infinite. From New Zealand’s monotonous modern socioeconomic complex, to fanciful imaginations of aboriginal…

An SEC Whistleblower Should Be Your First Stop When Identifying Financial Problems

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The U.S. Government decided the nation would never again be responsible for a major global recession following the 2008 economic crisis that is still being felt in some areas of the world. In response to the criticism of Wall Street and the U.S. financial markets in general the U.S. Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act, which…

How the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Changed Financial Security Fraud

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It wasn’t only a few decades ago where the financial sector in this country was rampant with fraud. There were ponzi schemes of every conceivable size taking place right under the nose of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the worst part employees were being harassed to keep quiet or they would lose their jobs…


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