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Bob Reina Is Committed To Giving Back

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Talk Fusion is the creator of the first all inclusive Video Marketing Solution for business just starting out, and those already on their way. The company provides a platform for business owners to market and advertise via video chat, live meetings, embedded videos and video newsletters. By delivering cutting edge products, and innovative marketing strategies…

Andy Wirth Explains His Concerns About The California Drought On KCRW Radion

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I pass through the coverage area for KCRW Radio here and there, and I heard Andy Wirth for the first time on the radio. I am not a ski vacation disciple, but I understand the deep and dark implications of a drought that will fall on California. Press Play with Madeleine Brand helped me learn…

Status Labs CEO Drops Advice to Avoid Doxxing.

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Darius fisher, the CEO of online reputation management firm Status Labs, knows a thing or two about why it is important to control your digital presence. The internet is the great equalizer when it comes to connecting yourself with people all around the globe. More and more of our personal information is being uploaded to…

What Is The Diversant Difference?

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Diversant is a company that has been helping people for as long as it has been open with nothing but correct IT systems. A business has to have some kind of IT system installed, and they have to make sure that they offer their customers something that works the best for the client. Every client…

Highland Capital Adds New Member To Manage Charitable Goals

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James Dondero has added a new member to his asset management firm, Highland Capital Management. Linda Owen will be joining his company as the charitable giving manager. She is the former president of The Woodall Rogers Park foundation, and will now help Highland Capital Management by teaming up with The Dallas Foundation to help the…

Brian Torchin’s Fervor for his Vocation in Healthcare

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When an individual submerges themselves completely into the healthcare profession, the reason is not logic based, but heart centered. That individual is a natural born healer, a wholehearted holistic healer. This is true about Brian Torchin; he was touched with healing hands. Brian Torchin devotes all of his time and fervor, both mental and physical…

Kevin Seawright’s Plan To Increase Home-Ownership Rate In Baltimore Through RPS Solutions

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Kevin Seawright is happy about RPS Solutions LLC’s plan of providing affordable homes in Baltimore. When founding the partnership venture, RPS Solutions, Kevin’s vision was to enable people access affordable housing. This way, he would strengthen Baltimore’s community. Through his company, Kevin facilitates individuals to own homes. His ultimate goal is to ensure that the…

Diversant and John Goullet

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Diversant, headed up by Principal John Goullet is experiencing continued growth. The biggest challenge in the field of information technology is the shortage of experience and staff. This is why Diversant was founded by John Goullet and Gene C. Waddy. While many companies have been downsizing, Goullet was hard at work finding ways to keep…

Dynamic Search Partners CEO Launches Scholarship

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College is expensive, very expensive. According to many reports I have read online the average family cannot afford college and are forced into positions that they have no choice but to take out student or parent loans. Even though loans are an option for most families there are many families that are unable to get…

Top Real Estate Investment Inventor Now Among Top Advisors

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The inventor of a new way to Crowdfund real estate investments in large commercial properties, William Skelley, who founded iFunding to implement those ideas, has now been named to Michael Stoler’s panel of ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.’ Along with this honor, Skelley is being scheduled to appear for iFunding on Michael Stoler’s business…

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