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The Major Achievements of Bruno Fagali in the Brazilian Law Sector

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Bruno Fagali is a famous Brazilian Lawyer and also the famous founder Fagali Advocacy. He is known for his professionalism and also integrity to legal services. As a very experienced attorney, he happens to have a lot of expertise in the Anti-corruption and also public law and has been trusted for handling contracts like expropriation…

Luz Carlos Trabuco Will Ensure that the Leadership Transition at Bradesco does not Affect its Margins

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Leadership transitions in companies are both inevitable and essential. Since organizations cannot avoid them, the smarter ones make sure to have processes and systems in place that facilitate smooth transitions. One such organization is Brazilian lender, Bradesco. The bank unexpectedly found in itself needing to appoint a new president after a top-level resignation in October….

Major Contributions of Eric Lefkofsky in Cancer Treatment

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Cancer is the single name representing more than hundreds of diseases. Despite the fact that cancer has endlessly been consuming and depriving health resources, it’s actually due to the ability of the cancerous cells to abnormally increase and develop uncontrollably. In the course harming sound cells along the way. Stunned by its complexity, the fight…


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