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Isabel de Santos: African will go Places Because of Digitalization

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Women are changing their roles in the community. In the past, the society believed that the only place where a woman was meant to stay and focus all her time was in the house. In the African community, women are still left at home to cook and watch their children grow. This dangerous trend is…


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 OSI Group is an established private food company that ranks high in the top 100 food companies. It is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois boasting itself with 65 facilities across the world and employees as much as 200,000. It is a company that keeps re-inventing itself and rolling out strategies to maintain a competitive position in…

George Soros: The Top Investor Seeking a Democratic World

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George Soros is one of the top investors, business magnates, and philanthropists of the world. He is a big name in the world of business and investment industry, and his name serves as motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. He is the founder and Managing Director of the Soros Fund Management, one of the top…

O’Keefe Busted in an Attempt to Infiltrate George Soros Foundation

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George Soros is a man of deep economic insight. His expertise in global economic affairs has made him resourceful and instrumental in analytically approaching global financial situations and providing practical solutions. Born in 1930 in Budapest, Soros fled Hungary in 1947, which was dominated by the Nazis in the Second World War. The Hungarian-American legendary…


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