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Nitin Khanna View on Productivity and Service Delivery

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Nitin Khanna is one of the professionals that have been consistent for the last 15 years. In the last 15 years, he has been part of the most important period in technology in Portland, Oregon. In the last one and a half decade, he has been part of the professionals that have revolutionized federal government…

Igor Cornelsen Has Contributed To Brazil’s Most Lucrative Industries

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In the country of Brazil, Igor Cornelsen has made a reputation and a valuable name for himself that can be recognized in both the banking and investment industries. With Igor’s unique insight in both banking and investing, it helped him create his own custom route to success. On the banking side of Mr. Cornelsen’s career,…

Chris Burch Loves The Island Resort Of Nihiwatu That He Helped To Create

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Chris Burch has founded or been a part of many international retail brands and other business ventures that have led to success over the years. Within the last few years, he has found a new kind of business that has garnered his attention, and, surprisingly, it is in the hospitality industry. This investment of his…

The 5-Star Nihi Sumba Island Of Chris Burch

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It was in 2012 that Chris Burch had bought a lesser-known surf resort. This was located on a remote island of Indonesia, called Sumba. He spent three years to develop this property and spent $30 million to do so. Now the five-star Nihi Resort has opened. This was under the able guidance of legendary hotelier…

The Exquisite Creations of Chris Burch

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Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch, has been a renowned investor and entrepreneur for an approximate period of 40 years in a variety of industries. Mr. Burch’s has highly contributed to the significant development of numerous luxury and technology industries such as Poppin, Jawbone, and Voss Water. He has currently…

Chris Burch’s Newest Success

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The worldwide brand of Burch Creative Capital, founded by Christopher Burch, embraces the motto: create. disrupt. scale. These words encapsulate not only the mindset of the man behind this franchise, but also the fashion by which his company takes on its endeavors. His 5-star resort of Nihi Sumba Island is clear evidence of this. It…

Chris Burch’s Hospitality Project, Nihiwatu Resort Is A Disruptive Brand

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Chris Burch is one of the billionaires who’ve left a positive mark in the business world. Renowned brands such As CWorld are a testimony of Burch’s success in the corporate world. In many quarters, Chris Burch is aptly described as a serial entrepreneur. His career stretches over four decades that are marked by great success….

The Inseparable Future of Fashion and Technology

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No one will dispute the fact that technology as seen today has become fashionable, and fashion in its current state is technologically fashionable. Both industries seem to be on one fascinating journey. This trend is not sudden, it is a product of time and the destination is never in view. Back in the 70s, the…


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