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What Chris Burch’s Role In American Express’s New Markets Is

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Christopher Burch, otherwise known as simply Chris Burch made a surprising announcement this last month when he made it official that he was no longer a customer of American Express and now used the J.P. Morgan Chase Sapphire card. One reason Burch had decided to do this is that the credit cards simply didn’t have…

Chris Burch Builds A Five Star Luxury Hotel Called Nihiwatu

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Chris Burch is a businessman and investor who is known for taking on huge ventures in the world of fashion. He is considered to be one of the biggest names in the fashion industry and has made a fortune in this sector. Besides the world of fashion, Chris Burch has also invested into numerous different…

Fashion and Technology Go Best When Done Together

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Fashion is a huge industry on its own. People need to wear clothes and, as long as they are wearing them, they should be keeping up with the different trends that are in the fashion industry so that they are able to fit in with the different things that people do and so that they…

A Look at the Future Tech Fashion Trends

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The fashion and technological industries have seen a number of changes in the past years and the one thing that is left is for both of them to grow together. When the past is compared to the present, in the 70’s, the boom box was considered fashionable and great but over the years more inventions…


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