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Securus Technologies Company Receives Positive Reviews from the Correctional Space Officials

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Securus Technologies Company is a United States-based technology solutions company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. For the company, they have always strived to become part of the technology and business solution between the incarceration space and their technology problems. Therefore, Securus Technologies Company has created itself a good name as one of the most…

What do clients think about Securus technologies?

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If you follow prison news, you have probably come across the name Securus Technologies. They are a leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for corrections, public safety, and preventing crimes.   Its headquarters are in Dallas Texas; it serves more than 3450 correction facilities, and federal law enforcement centers and over 1.2M…

Inmates May Call Home With Help From Securus Video Visitation

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I have quite a good understanding of Securus video visitation as I was in jail for a time. My term was over Christmas, and it was difficult for me to speak to the family at that time. I had a Securus account, and the account helped me call the family at an appointed time. This…

Securus Technologies unethical practices by GTL

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Securus Technologies is a top company in providing criminal justice and civil solutions with several services. Products from the company have helped various correction facilities run smooth and efficiently. The services offered by the firm increase monitoring investigation and boost safety. The company does a great job as it has various technology advancements. While there…


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