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Every time one rises and becomes a star in their line of passion, everybody else is alert to notice every move they make especially if one is a big fan of such characters. For such named individuals, it requires them to live up to the challenge so that their star does not glow dim. This entails the staff team, the resources, and everything else being lit. For Halsey, a pop singer for contemporary world music, he understands that very well. That is why she would ensure that she has strong music acts, improved & quality tech equipment, and a qualified tour manager capable of bringing everything into a thrilling move. She considers Clay Hutson for a tour manager.


Halsey was raised in music times, this drew her attention to music and within a short time, she released music on social media. However, she did not become popular at that point until 2014 when her breakthrough as a commercial artist kicked off. In three years’ time, she had climbed up the ladder ad scored her very first top 10 hit, “Bad at Love”. For Clay Hutson, managing a big tour is a usual experience for him and his reputation in the music industry has grown over years. He has an incredible work experience and performance which includes working with great music artists like Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Prince, and Guns N’Roses.


The demand for his services in the business led to putting up a new business or rather a company. At first, it was not an easy investment because of the capital necessities but he declares that his instincts led him in the right direction and became fortunate in the end. One of the encouraging factors is that he easily landed new and good customers. With that sorted, he would give it his best in terms of hard work and consistency and within time, it really would pay back. Seeing growth of his company and career, in general, was not an easy time for Clay but he held in there. In the new engagement with Halsey, one of the likeliness in their work is that they are social media users and their building of businesses is through the social platforms and word of mouth.


Clay Hutson is a competent production manager and sound engineer offering broad categories of services to his clients. They entail production design, show producer, monitor engineer, logistics management, rigging, stage management, and productions management. The three major sectors he actively engages in is event managing, music production, and music in general. Learn more:


Brian Torchin started small with managing and opening offices in several states, but has risen to overseeing an expansive company that has been trusted in the business of staffing chiropractors. Torchin has spent years learning about the practice of being a chiropractor and it was his experience that allowed him to build a company that provides quality service to people who need it. Brian’s company called The Health Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing offer a number of services to potential medical practices as well as hire employees that are best for their business. HCRC works with hospitals and private practices in order to supply them with people to fill in their coveted positions. The company also does professional consulting, background checks, and staff training.

Brian Torchin has been praised for his work. Dr. Mayer Green, DC from Consultants of America, the nation’s largest firm gave praise towards Torchin and his work. Torchin has also been invited to do public speaking at numerous events for his work. Torchin stresses the importance of welcoming potential patients with a good environment that makes them feel appreciated. It was the simple act of focusing on the potential patients and their needs that has led to his acclaim. On his company website Torchin also writes about how to run a doctor’s office well, which is important to convincing potential patients to choose their office over the competition. He writes about hiring staff members to the offices as well as potential employers. Needless to say that Torchin has been a wellspring of useful information in regards to the business of healthcare.

It is easy to see why Brian Torchin and his company HCRC have received such praise. They provide quality information about the business coming from years of experience from Torchin working as a physician. They also use the information themselves to see the results that have allowed them to blossom. Brian is an effective manager and he seems to have made his mark in the healthcare industry with his commitment to quality services. Learn more:


When we want to grow a business, we have to make sacrifices. We have to cover areas in our lifestyle first before we can engange in the successful way of running a business. We have to make sure that we can hedge ourselves first against risk and ruin. Truly, those who survive today in the world of business are people who know how to do this. They know how to make sure that they will survive at the end of the day, and they would still be able to thrive in their business after a series of challenges. One of the few rare business leaders today who are able to do this is Igor Cornelsen, the investment advisor that has built a reputation in bringing wealth to everyone, and more.

The Ideamensch Interview

We may be able to learn a lot about Igor Cornelsen today by reading his Ideamensch interview whose transcript you can get online. The expansive transcript tells us how Mr. Igor Cornelsen withstood all the challenges of running a business and made sure that he still excels in the game. It is also in that interview that we’d learn that he was born on October 4th 1947, in Curitiba, Brazil. Not long after that, around 1965, he finished his engineering studies at the Federal University of Parana. It was there that he was able to get the foundation for the mathematics and solutions that would then build his later career. View to know more about Igor Cornelsen

The Start of An Investment Firm

After hopping around a series of positions, Igor Cornelsen finally decided to just start his own investment advising firm not only to concentrate his attention on doing more help and service for others, but also to master the practice that he’d long been passionate about. It was in 1995 that this formal investment project of starting an investment advising firm started, and since then, Mr. Igor is now known to be one of the most successful investment managers today that can help people generate the assets and wealth that they need. Right now, he still continues to give people all the solutions they need to make their assets grow exponentially. Visit:



Felipe Montoro has reported details about Brazil’s usage of public private partnerships to make measurable progress towards the improvement of the economy. The Program for Partnerships and Investments is a government agency who primary goals involve establishing relationships with the public and private sectors to forge public private partnerships. In December 2004 Federal Law 11,079 / 04 became an official guideline defined by the government of Brazil the general rules that govern public private partnerships (PPP). Read This Article at for more info.

Felipe Montoro gained detailed information about an R $ 44 billion investment covering 57 projects and 22 sectors in a massive public private partnership stimulus package. The project is covering major road reconstruction, airport management solutions, and the auctioning of public companies to the private sector. Felipe Montoro, was able to discover the Mint will is scheduled to sold to a private entity.

Felipe Montoro, according to Moreora Franco, the Minster of the Secretary General say the Mint will have access to advanced technology from the private sector. BR 153 and BR 364 are both scheduled to be repaved as part of the R $ 44 billion project. Infraero according to Felipe Montoro Jens will be selling some of the airports currently under their control also. Infraero currently runs all the major airports in the country and owns 49% of each of their stocks.

Felipe Montoro, also detailed generally public private partnerships are ideal solution for expensive projects, and most public needs are expensive. By forging PPP are able to cut cost and still maintain the higher quality required by the government. Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais will be the very first in history to implement an outdoor lighting park completed by way of a public private partnership. The Belo Horizonte project is a 20 year project, scheduling by 2020 all the public lights will be upgraded to LED. Visit:


Chapped lips are no fun. The best chapped lip balm is one that soothes and heals the lips. Eos Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm does that and it smells like a little piece of heaven.

EOS has made many flavored lip balms over the years, but this is the first set that has true healing properties. Your lips feel better and will heal faster with the use of this little round ball of lip balm. It costs approximately $3 (Amazon). The blue color of the outside is pretty, but the inside looks just like all of the typical EOS products. This one simply feels better.

The science behind the EOS products is simple. The lips do not have the same glands that other parts of the body’s skin have. That means that they need extra care. When the winds blow cold it is unable to retain any moisture. What they use in the lip balm makes all the difference.

It creates a barrier from all that wind and dry air in the winter and the heat of the summer. Unlike some other lip balm companies, EOS does not use wax. Instead it uses organic alternatives instead. It really makes sense that the all natural ingredients are better for the lips.

EOS has been revolutionizing the lip balm industry for some time now. It’s in the lead, second only to one other lip product company today. A huge media campaign was used, but really wasn’t necessary considering how good the product really is for the lips. They are huge with everyone from celebrities to simple people that love cute colorful designs that can be used to soften and hydrate their lips. That’s what EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm does for the lips, except it also makes chapped lips heal fast while it feels amazing.

There’s a lot of evil in the world. Most people are trying to combat the dark forces that seem to be endlessly attacking. While some battle in the streets, some battle in courtrooms. Regardless of where the fight’s happening, it doesn’t help to have evil ruling the nation. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Unfortunately, Donald Trump is President of the United States, and people are more concerned with degrading him than actually fighting evil. While everyone argues and attacks each other, Trump’s dark servants spark chaos and destruction all over the country. There are a few people trying to fight these evils where they live.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two media executives that took down one of Trump’s personal friends. Joe Arpaio served as sheriff for 24 years in Maricopa County. Those were some of the worst years in law enforcement history. Nothing Arpaio did involve protecting the community.

Basically, Arpaio did what every racist bigot does when they get power: abuse anyone who’s not the same race and gender. Arpaio publicly announced the opening of Tent City, his answer to overcrowded jails. In reality, Tent City was a concentration camp worse than any of Hitler’s concentration camps.

The things that went on in that place were beyond horrible. There are numerous reports of inmates being beaten within inches of their lives. Pregnant women were handcuffed to beds and made to have their babies in jail, in horrible health conditions. Some inmates even died from these horrible living conditions.

These camps publicly humiliated and abused inmates as a joke. It’s amazing there weren’t more sexual assaults reported from that place. There are probably a lot of things people aren’t talking about, but the number of inmate suicides is a big discussion. Too many inmates had access to things that allowed them to take their own lives.

Lacey and Larkin ran Phoenix New Times at this time. They never stopped reporting on Arpaio’s acts of barbarism. Arpaio was used to keeping his critics silent by using extreme force. New Times never faltered, and Lacey and Larkin proudly stood up against his tyranny.

In the end, they brought him down and put him in jail. He was later convicted of criminal contempt and faced federal prison. Weeks before his sentencing, his savor, President Trump, stepped in and pardoned him. Trump deliberated set civil and human rights back fifty years just to save his corrupt friend.

Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and the Alpha Stock Alert for Banyan Hill Publishing an investment firm in Delray Beach, FL. The Bauman newsletter provides investment advice to readers. He attended the University of Cape Town where he obtained postgraduate degrees in economics and history. He worked in South Africa for 25 years in non-profit organizations that were focused on helping people. He worked in a low-cost housing project and Slum Dwellers Internationals. He also served as the director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International.

Banyan Hill was founded in 1989 as The Sovereign Society a publishing company that provided asset management and investment advice to readers. The company became Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 and offers a broader range of investment services to readers. They have included commodities, natural resources, and stock market advice to their publications. They provide information on income-producing investments, option plays and underestimated national companies. They are helping many people gain wealth and have over 400,000 readers. The company consists of a diverse range of financial experts that include legal counsel, analysts, and editors. Together they provide readers with useful strategies that encourage financial security and freedom.

In 2013, Ted Bauman began working at Banyan Hill Publishing. He has worked for many organizations that focus on helping people including the United Nations and the World Bank. He has assisted the South African government and European grant-making agencies. He has served as a consultant, researcher, and writer for past employers. Due to his career, he has traveled to Africa, Asia, and Europe. He believes in investing in multiple areas and instructs readers to invest their money in many platforms.

Even though, Ted Bauman is a successful writer he has not forgotten his past. He remembers working in McDonald’s and having to deal with unprofessional bosses. He realized early on that to change circumstances he needed to consider all people regardless of their position. He is organized and remains focused on creating his next story by gathering current information. He goes online to stay abreast of trends in investment and uses software to coordinate his files. He values a work-life balance and enjoys spending time with his family.

Ted Bauman is a professional writer with expertise in monetary management. He provides a plethora of knowledge to his readers and has helped people achieve their financial goals.

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Out in the north-east province of Pennsylvania, lives a man who is a genuine veteran of the health service industry. He now stands as one the best health practitioner, a position attained through years of experience. Below is a look at some aspects of Torchin’s life:

As a high-profile individual, you might be wondering how his Facebook I like. Apart from numerous positive reviews of his outstanding work, Brian Facebook is mainly dominated by link posts about his services. Also, several links to other helpful medical websites related to the health industry make up some of his Facebook Timeline. His twitter account has pretty much the same posts shared on Facebook . Read more about Brian Torchin on

Torchin created a staffing firm, HRC staffing, in 2007. HRC staffing takes care of the needs of chiropractors, nursing practitioners, dentists and physical therapists among others. Before that, Brian Torchin ran his chiropractic health center in Philadelphia.

As a veteran in the healthcare industry, Brian noticed the trouble experienced by medical graduates in getting jobs. He, therefore, created HRC staffing to help such graduates secure jobs. He has also created employment opportunities in his company. Moreover, Torchin continues to strive in making sure that people around the world have professional medical services. Such show of care to all is an admirable achievement.

Torchin has severally been featured by different media industries. Some of the media outlets that have featured him include Simply Hired in 2013, the Digital Journal,, and likewise wrote an article about how Torchin has been sustaining the increasingly growing demand for health professionals.

Some of the benefits of using Brian Torchin health care service is professionalism. Also, his reliability in finding and keep qualified staffing within a company is a benefit that companies should not miss out.

Torchin utilizes the e-commerce business model with a focus on finding jobs for people in the healthcare industry. His role in the community is that of a mentor not only in the healthcare industry but also in business. Through HCRC, Torchin assumes a vital part of the society. His commitment to the global restorative sector cannot be repudiated. It is his affection for the industry that gives him the drive to enhance it in what small amount way he can.

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Matt Badiali is a financial expert who specializes in investments related to natural resources. He began his career in natural resources by getting a bachelor’s degree in geology from Penn State. He then went onto get a master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He then went onto work in the petroleum industry as a drilling expert. He then shifted to working as a financial writer who advises investors on investments related to natural resources.

Matt Badiali’s investment strategy is to travel in order to find out what is really going on with the market. This allows him to avoid following trends that may be based off of conjecture and rumor. He has traveled Iraq, Honk Kong, Singapore, and other locations in order to learn what is going on with the market. Matt Badiali combines his extensive research with his knowledge of investing in order to come up with unique investment advice. His investment strategy is good for investors who are looking to put their money into longterm investments while still monitoring them for market change. This strategy works well for the natural resources industry where investments can take decades for them to fully pay off. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter.

Matt Badiali recently uncovered a unique financial product called a “Freedom Check“. These checks are investments that work in the same way as social security or a 401K. However, these investments can produce four times the amount of returns than traditional financial produce. A “Freedom Check” is a Statute F-26 product that offers untaxed revenue from companies that earn ninety percent of their revenue from oil and natural gas that is produced, processed, transported, or stored in the United States. The companies are allowed to take investments from individuals to put money into US oil production, and these companies are able to offer massive dividends for these investments. A single “Freedom Check” can offer returns in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Matt Badiali believes that these are a great investment because of the underused nature of “Freedom Checks”, their ability to receive tax free revenue, and their stability as an investment. Read This Article:


 People that are trying to get a grip on their finances will definitely benefit from utilizing a good investor planner like Igor Cornelsen. He gives people a wide range of options to consider when it comes to what they are able to find for international investments. This is where he has become quite a champion in the investing arena. He knows about Brazilian Investments, and this has become the thing that has led him to a great amount of investors that wanted to see more than what American stocks have to offer.

There are a lot of Americanized investment gurus like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey, but very few have the ability to put together a plan for investing specifically in Brazil. This is where Igor Cornelsen shines. He knows a ton of things about Brazil because he has lived there. Latin America was a second home, and it was very easy for someone like Igor cornelison to master what it would take to bring forth an investment portfolio where people are going to the maximize returns on investments. Read this article at about Igor Cornelsen

Investing is always something that people need help with because the market is constantly changing. They are going to need even more help if they are trying to put their money into something outside of American soil. What Igor is able to give people is the knowledge that he has about the raw materials and red tape issues that occur in Brazil.

He recommends that people stop looking at stocks as something that you can put on autopilot. Igor does not think that anyone should put their money 100% into the hands of a broker and never pay attention to what it is doing. With the investment world it is about diversification and knowledge. People that are investing should have knowledge about their investments, and they should also have a great amount of clarity about how the market works.

Igor knows a lot about the market so he is the best authority when it comes to these types of decisions. Igor Cornelsen has a considerable amount of knowledge, and it benefits everyone.

You can learn more about Igor Cornelsen by visiting:


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