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Renovia Inc. announced in August the closing of $42.3 million in financing, which consists of $10 million in venture debt and $32.2 million in Series B equity. The money will go on to fund clinic trials, future commercial launches, corporate development, and product development pipeline. Series B financing included participation from firms such as OSF Ventures, Inova Strategic Investment, and more, and was led by the company Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures. Renovia’s advisor role was taken on by BayCross Capital Group. Learn more:


The company’s Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Marc Beer expressed excitement to have the support of such significant entities in the healthcare industry. In addition, he noted that the participation of existing financial investors and new financial investors, as well as 3 integrated health networks, is aligned with the company’s vision in the commercial and clinical areas.


Renovia was founded by Marc Beer, Yolanda Lorie, and Ramon Iglesias, MD in the summer of 2016, and closed a Series A financing. The company specializes in the discovery and delivery of digital therapeutic devices and diagnostic devices for women affected by pelvic floor disorders. Urinary incontinence is a common disorder and affects approximately 250 million women across the globe. The technology offered by Renovia enables treatment through visualization in real-time of pelvic movement during muscle training, while monitoring progress and usage over time. The company seeks scalable as well as cost-effective care for the pelvic floor disorders which can be delivered using the power of digital health.


Marc Beer, the company’s co-founder has over 25 years of experience when it comes to developing and commercializing in the realm of biotechnology, devices, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. He holds a BS degree, earned from the Miami University. In the past, he served as the Founding Chief Executive Officer of ViaCell, helping the company grow to over 300 employees, going public and getting acquired in 2007. He served under various roles for Genzyme, such as Vice President of Global Marketing, and had different sales and marketing roles while working for Abbott Laboratories.


He stated that the company can provide customers with valuable data by combining the proprietary sensor technologies with a digital health platform. The data resulted can inform customers about treatment options, and drive better understanding when it comes to pelvic floor disorders. The Series B funding, according to Beer, recognizes the value of the company’s diagnostic product and digital therapeutic pipeline.

The economy is always changing and Ted Bauman uses his platform to create ways and strategies where his readers can feel more comfortable and prepared for what happens to the stock market. Ted Bauman is an expert on stocks. He has spent many years working in the finance industry. For Banyan Hill Publishing, he is an editor and analyst that supplies information, data and advice to aid his readers in learning more about the economy.

Banyan Hill Publishing is a creditable source of financial and investment news. The online financial publisher receives hundreds of thousands of readers weekly. Well known editors and writers like Ted Bauman have a fan base of tens of thousands of people. The publication has created a reputation for itself that allows investors to feel comfortable with working with trusting the company. Ted Bauman writes three newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is an expert on privacy, securities low risk investment strategies and the stock market.

President Trump has mentioned that he would like rise interest rates on China. People differ on their opinion of this. Some believe this would be a good thing as more money would come to the United States. Others do not think that is likely. Some believe this will cause some sort of riff between the two countries. There is a major economic relationships shared between China and the United States. People American companies depend on Chinese manufacturers and laborers for their business operations. Since the 1980s, American companies have been quickly moving operations overseas because of lower cost to operate. Ted Bauman could see a potential drawback from the Chinese experiencing higher interest rates. These rates may cause China to cut back on or completely end business deals with American companies. This would disturb many industries, economics and billions or perhaps trillions of dollars done annually in business between the two nations. The analyst and editor also sees where these problems would cause an economic shift in the stock market. This shift would not be positive. Investors in the stock market should be careful and take notice to their investments.

Here’s How the Bull Market Dies


There are certain popular travel routes in the United States that are just too long to conveniently drive and too short to consider the hassles of flying on an airline. This is where Brightline and their new passenger rails are coming into the picture. While there are many people that think trains are outdated, Brightline by Fortress Investment Group is looking to change these opinions and show the world that passenger trains are the transportation of the future.

While there are only a few connected cities today, Fortress Investment Group is already working on expanding their services to many different regions in the United States. One of the most recent expansions involves a route that goes between Las Vegas and Southern California. This route is traveled by approximately 50 million people each year and always by car or plane. While the airline trip may only take about an hour for the flight itself, everyone knows that a plane trip can sometimes take hours longer than the flight itself. The car ride between the 2 areas can take around a grueling 4 hours which can be considerably longer if there are additional traffic backups.

Fortress Investment Group is banking on travelers wanting more options than the ones available today. Brightline offers a unique experience from other modes of travel with impressive amenities such as allowing you to charge your electronics at no extra cost. Many people see their commute as stressful, but with Brightline you can be comfortable for the whole trip.

Brightline recently acquired another rail line, XpressWest and their funding options opened up greatly. The owner of Brightline, Fortress Investment Group, is a private equity firm that is recognized as being one of the premier business in their field. The company, which was founded by Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone in 1998, was the first in its field to offer an IPO.

The new Brightline stations would be on the Las Vegas Strip with a station in Victorville for the stop in Southern California. They estimate that the route will take around 2 hours. As more people see the potential in train travel, the company Fortress Investment Group will continue to expand Brightline.

The nation of Israel has experienced some difficult times and many Jewish people have become distant from their roots there. Adam Milstein is working to strengthen these roots through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The efforts made by this foundation are much more than just giving money to other organizations and programs, the Milsteins stay actively involved in their philanthropy to make a difference in their community and strengthen the efforts.

Adam Milstein has become an authority for his philanthropy and advocacy for the Jewish community and the nation of Israel. He is very active in the community encouraging students and professionals to get involved and get to know where they came from. Through these efforts, he hopes to be able to maintain and strengthen the ties between the United States and Israel.

Education about the Jewish faith and the history of its people is of utmost importance to the organization. Adam Milstein’s expertise in the business world has been highly beneficial in his efforts with the Milstein Family Foundation. He dedicates a significant amount of his time to helping the organizations that his foundation is partnered with to achieve higher levels of influence and efficiency.

The Milstein Family Foundation works to impact their audience for a lifetime. Their programs are designed for audiences that include children, teenagers, and adults to ensure that there is always a way for them to participate. Through Adam Milstein’s efforts, the Jewish people served by his program are instilled a lasting sense of pride.

For Adam Milstein, Israel is one of the most important parts of his life. Before moving to the United States, the native of Israel served in their IDF military. In 1981, he moved to the US after graduating from Technion with his wife Gila, who also served in the military, and family. He and his family currently reside in the Southern California area. In his professional life, Adam Milstein is known as one of the most prestigious real estate investors in the United States. His success in the professional world has put him in the position he is in to help others through his philanthropy.

Success is an uphill climb for many entrepreneurs in Brazil. Entrepreneurs face a high rate of failure due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is the high tax burdens imposed by the government. However, Flavio Maluf does have some suggestions on how to minimize the impact of taxes on Brazilian businesses. These taxes take into consideration of tax incentives.

Flavio Maluf proposes the Fiscal Inventive Laws. This will allow companies to direct a portion their taxes to social, health and cultural programs. Instead of the money heading directly to the government, companies are able to choose programs that focus on improving the social and economic development of Brazil. Read more articles by Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

This approach provides a twofold benefit to the companies. Instead of directing the funds directly to the government, companies can strategically direct their funds. The funds have a positive impact socially, while improving the company’s image among the public. This is a unique marketing strategy that can be used to attract additional customers.

The tax proposal also has an additional benefit according to Flavio Maluf. The government can grant tax incentives to specific companies based on their industry. This will allow certain industries to flourish by decreasing their tax burden. The incentive can be applied in several ways. Including tax reduction, compensation and exemption. As a result, companies can reinvest within their organization as well as create jobs. Industries such as information technology, aerospace and agriculture can greatly benefit from the incentive.

In addition to the tax incentive, Maluf also believes that entrepreneurs must have a high amount of ambition. Especially since the path to entrepreneurship is not a smooth road. Entrepreneurs must recognize any limitations that may prevent success as well as correctly identifying their strengths.

Flavio Maluf is the CEO and VP president of Eucatex. Maluf has a background working in the trade industry prior to joining Eucatex. After joining the company in 1987, he quickly ascended to the position of President due to outstanding management skills. Flavio is a graduate of (AmandoAlvaresPenteado Foundation) FAAP where he majored in Mechanical Engineering.



The thought of retirement should be a time and stage in life that people look forward too. It is supposed to be a time to relax and reflect on the labor you have provided and a reward of care in older age for a job well done. That unfortunately is not the reality for many Americans. Society has changed since the days of pensions for many companies. Inflation always plays a big part in the income outcome for those looking to leave the work force. While there are many products to choose to try and help at that next stage of life, Ted Bauman has identified a few that may be better than what is traditional.

Ted Bauman is an editor at Bayan Hill Publishing which sends out letters and write ups on economics, banking and financial services. Ted graduated from Cape Town University in South Africa with a degree in economics. Ted also received his MBA from Georgia State University. Spending 25 years in Africa he has served many business including being a fund manager for low cost housing projects. His knowledge on long term planning for the future has been his focus for a long time.

Ted Bauman believes that over sixty percent of Americans are not prepared for retirement with at least ten thousand or under in savings. The plans that most have through their employer which are 401k plans are good but they put the risk on the employee. These plans are regulated by market fluctuations and take the employee contributing to their future. Some companies do offer a match up to certain amount but there may be other products to consider.

A cash-balanced plan works like a pension plan with some characteristics of a 401K. It does not require employee contributions and places responsibility to manage their own investment choices. The cash balance plan would have the employer making the same contributions as the 401k plan while having the funds managed by professionals. Ted Bauman speaks highly of the cash balanced plans while citing the limitations of the 401k plan suggesting people take a look.

Guilherme Paulus is Brazilian entrepreneur and hotelier who own of a tour firm called CVC Brasil Operadora and GJP Hotels and Resorts. These hotels and resorts are distributed in different locations across Brazil. Some of the 20 hotels and resorts branches are located in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife, São Paulo, and Maceió. The hotels and resorts investment boasts with a workforce of more than 5,000 staff members. The business had served more than ninety-five thousand clients since 1995 when Paulus opened his first hotel. His career started in his youthful years when he worked as an intern for IBM and has since won a reputation as one of the most respected businesspersons in Brazil. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase.

According to Guilherme Paulus, the idea of starting CVC came with his co-founder, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who also doubled as a state deputy. Paulus adds that the two had met on a trip and Carlos shared his idea of opening a tourist company in Santo André. Since Paulus lived and worked in Sao Paulo and had no capital to invest, Carlos suggested him to a society where he would work, and Carlos would spend on it. Guilherme Paulus adds that even though he was employed at Casa Faro, his mind was focused on the new project, and as a result, he accepted the offer. They opened a store in a small street at a busy exit of a cinema where there was a high flow of people. They did business for four years, but later Carlos left, and Paulus continued alone.


Guilherme Paulus is categorical that his success comes about through his daily planning where he plans his weekly schedule, which makes him more productive and organized. The other aspect that drives his success is technology, which he says, makes him more focused. He admits that he quickly understands the needs of his clients and can study market trends. As the Chairman of GJP, Guilherme travels much around the many hotels he operates to listen to the suggestions and opinions of his employees and customers. Guilherme Paulus advises those intending to invest first in loving what they do, working hard, listen to the customers and change in behaviours. Visit to know more about Guilherme Paulus.

Auriemo became the President of his family company JHSF when he was still below the age of 30. Zeco Auriemo established himself as one the most successful young leaders in his country. He had been working in the company since he was a teenager. Zeco Auriemo, therefore, acquired the right vision and experience to lead this company to face its challenges. At this young age, he demonstrated a great spirit of leadership by participating in international youth Coexistence that was held in Japan. He lived in Europe for some time where he took part in Horse riding together with Nelson Filho.

Jose Auriemo chose to study engineering at the age of seventeen. He, therefore, joined Sao Paolo in the Faculty of Engineering. At the same time, he worked in the parking administration sector of JHSF, read ( He got interested in the day to day running of the company. He, therefore, locks up his study and followed in his father’s footsteps. JHSF turned to incorporation in the mid-1990s after operating for more than twenty years. During this time he was involved with several projects in the interior and capital of Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador. He also assumed some commitment in Uruguay, Punta Del Este to incorporate a luxury condominium. The focus of the company for many years was in the shopping centers such as Metro Santa Cruz and Metro Tucuruvi.

In early 2000, Auriemo identified potential in some branch of incorporation that focused on high income. JHSF, therefore, invested in Parque Cidade Jardim which is located in the Marginal Pinheiros region. Many people believed this to be a risky venture, but Auriemo did not give up on constructing it to completeness. The Parque Cidade Jardim has residential buildings, academies, commercial buildings, a mall and many more. The company even traded the shares from this project on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange. This was a very important step in the history of the developer.

Randal Nardone was awarded a degree at the School of Law in the University of Connecticut in Boston of bachelor in English and Biology. He opened up his own firm, after winding up the education and where he was ready for new challenges. He was well attached to the field of finance, where he has been working with his clients from the past. He knew how to maneuver by attaining new improvements which would help his company to grow to the highest level.

By using his previous experience Randal Nardone started and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. Nardone used to be known for excellent skills and an expert in the field of finance for a quiet period of time. He helped by bringing up great ideas in this firm, giving out advice and aid to companies countrywide. The Financial raising for other companies made him much famous. He started an investment firm so that gives his best in every endeavor.

Randal Nardone is the best executives and a member of the board of directors that runs Fortress investment group. Randal has played a big role in improving the firm to its current status as being the leading financial firm. His legal background has enabled him to offer effective management in the firm. Randel is well conversant with the financial sector from the previous entrepreneur course he gained and this has given him a chance to bring down all the challenges he faces in his career.

Randal Nardone is one of the key figures in the acquisition of the Fortress SoftBank group in 2017 this was an idea he had as to invest in more profitable businesses. The Softbank was attracted to Fortress due to good client service they offered and also outstanding leadership. Randal says that the investors are very positive after this acquisition. This has brought about an increased movement of doing business due to the large exposure of resources. Randal now is operating as an independent company in SoftBank. People say that Randal is ranked highest on the billionaires in the globe with a net worth of $1.8billion which they say he made when fortress partnered with Robert Kauffman.

Sussex Healthcare is a facility that takes care of families across the United Kingdom. The facility care for the elderly as well as other people with neurological disorders. They provide a hospitable environment for the elderly people. People of all ages are welcome at this facility. Sussex has been expanding in recent years. It has built a total of 20 homes to take care of these people.

We are living in a time when the lifespan has greatly increased, and the number of old people is high. The number is likely to increase going forward. With the old aged people increasing, there will be more demand for facilities that can take care of these people. Families will no longer be able to take care of their loved ones at home because of other obligations.

Sussex Healthcare is providing a home-like environment where patients can stay and feel good about their lives. The facilities are designed like homes and to give the residents that home feeling. The facility is one of the biggest of the biggest and the most effective. Residents in this facility benefit from nutritious foods which are prepared by specially trained personnel. This facility should be considered helpful by any person who would like to benefit from world-class care.

Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania, East Africa. He moved to the United Kingdom where he gained a degree in dental surgery from the University of London. He has been practicing as a dentist for about two decades now. He has an excellent reputation as a dentist and has worked with various healthcare organizations. He also has an excellent reputation as a philanthropist.

Shafik Sachedina is a member of the Aga Khan Foundation that operated in the United Kingdom and the representative of the Aga Khan Development Network in Asia. He is one of the people with an excellent reputation for trying to bring positive impact in the society.

Shafik Sachedina is committed to serving the people, and that is why he has been a volunteer for the Jamati Institutions. He has also been the president of the Ismaili Council for two terms.

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