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Adam Milstein is a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties, a renowned property management company in California. Hager Pacific Properties is scaling the heights of the real estate industry with a focus on industrial space, retail space, office space, and multi-family homes. Presently, the company is estimated to be in possession of portfolio worth more $2 billion. Milstein ventured into the real estate industry immediately after he was done pursuing post-secondary studies, and his activities in the sector culminated in the formation of Hager. Hager’s star will continue to rise in the real estate world under Milstein’s shrewd stewardship.Apart from his hard to ignore presence in the America’s real estate sector, Milstein—an immigrant from Israel— is a respected philanthropist.

Milstein’s philanthropic foundation, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF), is dedicated to courses that strive to strengthen Jewish people, the state of Israel, and the US – Israel ties among other progressive courses. While in he was in Israel, Milstein joined Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and served in the Yom Kippur War. He then attended Technion before immigrating to the US with his young family in 1981.The Milstein’s foundation has a unique approach to a charitable donation. Having spent several years in business, Adam developed valuable consultancy skills, partnership development techniques, and networking skills that have proved invaluable to the foundation.

The organization approaches its activities with three underlying principles: active philanthropy, life path impact, and philanthropic synergy. Active philanthropy policy ensures that MFF dedicates more than financial support to any project, program, and organization that it partners with; expertise, time, and other resources are essential in philanthropy. Through life impact principle, MFF aims to change the lives of its target population right from childhood to adulthood by formulating programs suitable for individuals at different stages of growth. Finally, synergy principle requires MFF to partner with the like-minded organization in their quest for making the society a better place.Recently, Mr. Milstein developed the Adam Milstein Podcast. The podcast frequently hosts pundits willing to strengthen Israel, Israeli-America relations, and Jewish-American people. Notable guests have aired their views on Mr. Milstein’s podcast including Haim Saban, Yair Lapid, and Dennis Prager.


Fashion is a huge industry on its own. People need to wear clothes and, as long as they are wearing them, they should be keeping up with the different trends that are in the fashion industry so that they are able to fit in with the different things that people do and so that they can keep up with others. The fashion industry has always been around and will always be around with vast improvements being made to it on an almost daily basis to make it easier to wear and better for the people who choose to use it.

When it comes to technology, there has always been some level of technology in the world. From the wheel being invented all the way up until the release of smart watches and beyond, people have been working to make things easier as well as better for the technology industry. It is something that has just happened and it is now where it can go with the technological aspects. People are expecting there to be major changes in the wearable technology field because of the different things that they can do with the wearables and the convenience that they can provide.

In his research, Christopher Burch has found that there are many ways that both of these industries will be able to improve. He wants to make sure that they are always getting better and that often means that they are coming together in the sense that they are getting the most out of the process of adding technology to fashion.   Read insights from him on

People who use technology should also be able to use it in the clothes that they wear and with the accessories that they have to go with those clothes that already have technological aspects in them.   For update on his timeline activities, hit on

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Christopher Burch is confident that this is where the market is headed. He has worked with many successful startups and he has given them the advice that they need to be able to get started with the different things that they do. He wants to make sure that people are going to get the most out of the technology and fashion fields.  To read related article, check on

He has been able to provide people with the help that they need in both of these fields and he has seen where they are going. It is a good idea to trust Burch because of the experience that he has in both fields.  Check what interest him today, click on this.

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Too much work without play made Tom a dull boy is a saying that befits every hardworking person who needs to sit back, reflect and enjoy the success he/she has made. This can as well be said of Chris Burch, the successful CEO of Burch Creative Capital who has earned himself great fortunes in business. It is for this reasons that he sought to hold one of his many summer parties in the Hamptons. Whereas partying at the Hamptons is known to be one of a kind, with great food, cocktails as well as tablescape.

This great CEO scouted for the best chef services and only settled for chef Andres Morataya, who is a renowned chef for his innovative solutions to dining. This is the chef who had to make his Hamptons party exciting and memorable. Chef Morataya is from Panama, where he has a great farm-to-table restaurant known as Panga. Check for additional article.  He is respected for this ability to create the most fascinating dining experiences that are not limited to the plate. It is interesting because Morataya got his great skills from financial limitations that forced him to improvise. He is set to host another great party for Chris Burch at his resort in Indonesia.   To read more about the resort, click on

Chris Burch is a creative business person who founded Burch Creative Capital, where he practices his business values and carries his vision forward for new market opportunities. He clearly supports the application of imagination, great incubation skills, new market opportunities and great support that ensure a business is impactful. These are the values and philosophies that Chris has had for a long time and now ensures that they are put into practice for the good of all businesses that have his attention.  Related article on

It’s not a mean feat to have seen through the rise of over 50 companies, but this is exactly what Chris Burch has been able to accomplish. His long experience has placed him at an advantage where he is able to mentor and guide businesses to definite success. His company is very diverse and usually supports business brands from varied spheres such as furnishings and hospitality, technology industries, Chubbies, Soludos, Brad’s Raw Foods, organic food among many others. This is the diversity that ensures the company eventually succeeds as they do not put the same eggs in one basket. He is definitely a success story that ought to be emulated by many people.  For a must-read interview of him, head over to this.

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For entrepreneurs to survive in an ever-so-competitive business world, they need to innovate solutions and disruptive brands. It’s against this backdrop that Nathaniel Ru and his friends have come up with a disruptive brand in the hotel industry.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends came up with an idea of creating a restaurant that would serve customers healthy and organic portions while maintaining fun and easiness.

This idea was born during their campus day when they had a hard time finding green spaces that were welcoming, healthy and at the same time enjoyable to hang around.

During their senior year at Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru alongside his friends approached the owner of an old tavern a few blocks down the street of their residence.

The entrepreneurs had a rough time convincing the landlady to give up the retail space to them, but eventually, she agreed after noticing how determined the trio was. She told them to go and come back with a comprehensive business plan and financial backers before she could let them into space.

From humble beginnings, Nathaniel Ru and company have managed to grow Sweetgreen from a small green restaurant into a 21-store retail chain. For the six years that Sweetgreen has been operating, it has recorded a lot of growth while maintaining its home-style roots.

The enterprise never intended to run like an average retail brand. It needed to stick out for it to survive and attract a broader clientele.

Drawing inspiration from disruptive brands such Apple, Nathaniel Ru and his partners have put in place unique management strategies that keep steering the retail chain to greater heights. Sweetgreen is built on certain principles which are quality foods that are organic. This principle has birthed one of the most promising enterprises in the internet age.

To advance the principle of green and organic, Sweetgreen has employed the farm-to-table philosophy irrespective of where the firm sets shop.

This philosophy is then tied to wholesome approach to the health of the mind, body, and spirit. Some of Sweetgreen’s branches are home to yoga sessions and weekend music sessions.

Sweetgreen has also leveraged the power of the internet and the popularity of mobile apps to achieve a digital interaction and payment platform for its customers.

Clients who pay for services through the mobile applications get a chance to make donations to local schools. This nobility further deepens the Sweetgreen to customer relationship because both get involved in the welfare of the communities around them.

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When players participate in fantasy football, they will need to draft certain players to make their team. One of the options that players can choose when drafting their team is Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Matavis Bryant. He sat out last season due to failing a drug test. Before last season, Bryant put up average stats. As of now, he is currently ranked a WR21 in the fantasy football rankings. This means that he is one of the more average receivers that you can have. However, he has a considerable amount of potential. Although he is ideal as a backup receiver on a fantasy team, Bryant can get to the status of WR 1 on the fantasy football rankings if he performs better this season.

Anyone who participates in fantasy football will want to look at the fantasy football rankings. The fantasy football rankings rate players based on their most recent level of performance. In order to maximize your chances of winning on a consistent basis, it will be important to draft players who are as high up on the fantasy football rankings as possible.


Gregory James Aziz is the chief executive officer and chair at National Steel Car, a renowned company based in Hamilton Ontario. Greg Aziz was born in 1949 in London and attended Ridley College. Later he enrolled at the Western Ontario University where he pursued Economics.

National Steel Car was first established in 1912 and specializes in freight car manufacturing. Classified as a railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company, National Steel Car, has consistently maintained a high quality of its products through thorough research. Enormous success recorded at the company results from over a century of experience in the manufacturing industry.

Additionally, National Steel Car works with a team of strong and experienced employees. The company also enjoys spontaneous innovations and inventions in its routine operations. As a result, the company now enjoys diversity and good manufacturing culture. Both the volume of production and quality are consistently improving owing to the rising technological trends in internal and external environments.

Greg Aziz is overly committed to elevating the scope of service at National Steel Car. Through his managerial skills, Greg has been able to realize efficiency and a sense of responsibility in running this great company. His focus on quality and purpose have collectively helped in attaining the expected performance rates primarily in North America. In view of this, the company has settled to enhance customer loyalty and provision of customized services. The good relationship created with customers and other stakeholders have sustained customer trust in the potential of the company.

Mr. Gregory Aziz believes in success. For this reason, he has adopted a range of strategies in realizing the company’s goals. With a large number of workers, the company has fostered a culture of integrity purposely to manage this large numbers. The company aims to become a market leader in service delivery to the customers through its exceptional focus on excellence. Greg Aziz has equally cultivated constructive traditions in the company with the aim of succeeding.

Greg Aziz embarked in running wholesale food business managed by his family in 1971. Eventually, this family business expanded in its niche and scale of operations across Europe, Central America, Eastern Canada, and South America, particularly in the supply of fresh food.

James Aziz is one the competent people who have directly contributed to success at National Steel Car Limited. In 1994, Gregory Aziz organized the acquisition of National Steel Car with the primary goal of steering North American industry,


Regarded among the most aspiring campaigners for Rapamycin which is a drug used in longevity research and the treatment of cancer, Mikhail Blagosklonny has brought about great hope for humanity. He had a great educational background which ensured that he had the fundamental knowledge for the research that he now partakes. He is a proud graduate of the reputable First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg where he got his M.D. in internal medicine as well as his PhD in cardiology and experimental medicine. This fascinating accreditation was pivotal to his being able to tackle great research issues such as ageing and the use of Rapamycin to counter the same.The research that Mikhail Blagosklonny has been conducting is groundbreaking as it could improve the quality of people’s lives as well as extend their lifespans. He has been studying Rapamycin which is a common cancer treatment medication, which he says that it has the power to significantly extend the lifespan of those people who are suffering from cancer, whereas at the same time it helps ease on the pain.

It is on this basis that he believes this same drug could effectively be used to improve the human immune system, thereby lengthening their overall lifespan. This is indeed great for all humanity as people need not be scared by age related ailments that plague them.This is a great hope for humanity especially when it comes to those diseases that affected people due to age, whereas it is worth noting that age itself does not kill people. It is rather those diseases that affect people in their old age that eventually kills them. It is therefore worth noting the significance of the research and findings by Mikhail Blagosklonny in the longevity of the lifespans of humankind. In accordance to the findings of Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny, the medication Rapamycin effectively inhibits mTOR which is a chemical that increases in the body as one ages. This therefore slows down aging and with it gets rid of diseases that come along as a person ages.

The other great benefit of Rapamycin is the ability to strengthen a person’s immunity, which is key to ensuring that a person doesn’t catch diseases as they age. Among these diseases that come with age is cancer which is effectively gotten rid of by the use of Rapamycin. Earlier researchers thought that Rapamycin caused cancer, but this has been overruled by Mikhail and other like-minded scientists. This drug has been tested on animals and have proven the fact that it can prolong the lifespan, this is because those animals treated with it have lived longer than others not on the drug.Parkinson’s disease as well as Alzheimer’s are in the list of diseases that come with age and are effectively tackled using Rapamycin. This will go a long way to assisting millions of people who suffers from these age-related diseases as they will have their immunity boosted and their lifespan extended. It is clear that Mikhail Blagosklonny’s dedication to his research has an everlasting impact of humanity.

Over the past few decades, the worlds of fashion and technology have seen a lot of changes. The constant is that both industries appear to be growing at the same pace. There is a mutual relationship between the two concepts in that with time, fashion becomes technologically in style. A comparison between the present and the past gives insights into what the future may be like. These words were spoken by Burch Christopher, a fashion icon.  To read his insight on things around his area of interest, hit

Putting present and past side by side

One of the technological advances that were the hallmark of the 70’s was the boom box. It was popular because suddenly people had the ability to walk around with the tunes that they liked most. In the 80’s, the boom box came with the cassette deck, and it was possible to play music on one side while recording on the other. Fast forward to the 90’s and the boom box was replaced by the walkman. Then, the invention of the iPod brought an end to the trend of the walkman as the fashionable tech gadget. This is an example of how technology develops in alignment with fashion ideas.

Currently, the merging between fashion and technology is very seamless. Most fashion designers take a keen interest in design projects that are in line with tech development. Fashion can be seen as a playground where experiments of all kind are possible according to Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch designer. It is a known fact that the deeper you dig into technology, the greater the rewards. Anouk is famous for designing the self-painting and drink—making dresses.

The designs of the future in relation to technology

Terese Alstin came up with a design of a bonnet that has an airbag. It is meant to be worn by cyclists around the neck. On impact, the airbag deploys and protects the rider from injuries to the head. Going green is another trend that has been applied a lot in fashion. Projects such as the creation of T-shirts from the inner tubes of bicycles have become possible. There has also been the invention of shoes that can create enough charge for a mobile phone when one starts walking.

There are times when great technological inventions fail to sell because they seem geeky. These are the times when fashion comes in to assist. DVF once helped Google sell their glasses simply because they seemed too geeky.  More interesting article to read on

Chris Burch

The author of this article is the CEO and also founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is also part of investments in nine other companies. He is 63 years old and is very passionate about fashion and technology. Burch creative capital is based in New York.

Read an article of one of his awesome investment here.

Burch is a co-founder of the Luxury fashion brand. He understands the power of branding perfectly. These are the skills that he uses when performing sales and spanning his businesses. He has effected a lot of transformation when it comes to fashion and technology.

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The fashion and technological industries have seen a number of changes in the past years and the one thing that is left is for both of them to grow together. When the past is compared to the present, in the 70’s, the boom box was considered fashionable and great but over the years more inventions were made. In the 90’s people went for the Walkman and a decade later the iPod became the in thing as technology usually grows with what you consider fashionable. Presently, the synthesis of fashion and technology is taking shape as fashion designers are attempting to create what they believe will deliver using technology. This will bring higher standards in functionality and innovation. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, likens technology to a playground where the more you go in deeper the more you experience endless possibilities.

Looking at the Future

There are fashions that have advanced with the use of technology to offer protection to us. As much as it is not fashionable to wear some bike protection, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have created a system that you can wear round your neck as a cyclists’ airbag to protect the head in case of a crash. The cyclist’s airbag does not hinder visibility at all when it is not opened. There are frontline gloves by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan that could be useful to firefighters as they relay important information through uncomplicated hand gestures.

Fashion and Technology working together

Technology at times needs some assistance to get popular from the fashion industry. Advancements in technology need the assistance from the fashion world. Fashion shows help in displaying the latest trends and styles for easy acceptance. Technology and fashion work together and the future of fashion will lead the one for technology.  For the latest cool offering of Burch in the market, click

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital and has been an active investor and entrepreneur across various industries for over 40 years. He has played a significant part in the growth and rise of several luxury and technology brands that include Jawbone, Faena Hotel + Universe, Voss Water and Poppin. He used to be a board member of the Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.  Related article on here.

Burch has invested in a number of industries like technology, fashion and the real estate. He started off his career in his undergrad at the Itchica College, where he and his brother started Eagles Eye apparel that grew to $165 million before they sold it. Burch Creative Capital boasts of Cocoon9, Poppin, Nihiwatu and ED by Ellen DeGeneres.  Check this on

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Orange Coast College (OCC), a community college based in the Orange County of the United States, was established in 1947. The institution offers two-year associate degrees in science and art, certificates of achievement, as well as lower division classes that are transferable to other universities and colleges.

Orange Coast College has exceptional facilities and top-notch technology. It offers approximately 135 career programs, including one of the most applauded public nautical programs. The college is among the top transfer institutions in the state. OCC has competitive sports teams, active clubs, and a well-involved associated student body.

Rowing is one of the best sports at Orange Coast College. Though it is a purely amateur sport, it is considered as a ballet of unity, grace, and power. The team is dedicated to rowing and wakes up as early as 6:30 to train.

The team of nine rows the boat at approximately 25 miles per hour. Rowers devote approximately 20 hours each week to training. It is not a walk in the park as the enthusiastic rowers attain blisters that turn to calluses but still, stick to the sport.

The great passion towards the sport is evident in all the members of the team including the team’s captain, Daniel Amado. He went to Los Alamitos High School before joining Orange Coast College. He was rowing in high school but broke a disk in his back, thus he quit the sport until this year.

He could not wait to get back to the sport he cherishes. According to Amado, rowing equips one with mental and physical skills that make you resilient enough to bounce back and to overcome anything.

Orange Coast College has attained 11 national titles in rowing. Some of the students have competed in world championships as well as the Olympics. Amusingly, most of the students in the rowing team had never practiced the sport before joining the college, yet they become the best. The friendship and discipline attained in rowing have made most of the graduates from OCC successful people.

In the main event, the race covers 2000 meters within a span of six minutes. This demands absolute teamwork, and every rower can admit that there is greater satisfaction and joy when you win as a team.

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