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In life, numerous instances occur that require a legal remedy. Oftentimes, people experience situations beyond their control. To name a few, these include domestic violence, child custody, and so forth. Although these issues present a challenge, people do not have to remain helpless. Therefore, many lawyers exist with the sole intention of rectifying such situations. Not only do these lawyers possess the dedication, they also possess the credentials. With that being said, countless lawyers exist with years of expertise. In the event of a criminal matter, people consider lawyers as a legal guardian.


In particular, New Yorkers remain in luck. Moreover, New Yorkers have newly found resources that allow them to choose lawyers directly from their community. As a result, they remain in a position to receive legal counseling from someone who knows how to respond to their individual needs. Moreover, the New York State Bar Association’s referral services empower individuals to get out and seek legal mediation services. Furthermore, the association launched an online portal that allows individuals to do so. Therefore, they have unlimited access to these services. Moreover, they also provide a telephone number for individuals who wish to speak with a representative.


In addition, Jeremy Goldstein epitomizes the definition of a lawyer. Not only does he lead his own law firm, Jeremy Goldstein has helped numerous clients. Moreover, his company remains committed to bringing justice to those they serve. Furthermore, the company specializes in compensation claims. With such talent regarding the law, it remains easy to see why Jeremy Goldstein and his company attract several high-profile clients. Before Jeremy’s firm opened its doors, he worked at the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz law firm. In the past decade alone, Jeremy Goldstein has engaged in numerous corporate acquisitions. To conclude, Jeremy remains a leader in his industry.


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Julia Jackson says that she’s always been interested in wine, and is part of the Jackson Family Wines empire. She shares that she was surrounded by wine and business of wine making for as long as she could remember.

Jackson is a native of San Francisco, and was born in 1988. She remembers her father making her and her siblings pick and sort grapes in the hot weather while he instilled the value of hard work in him. Julia says that her dad made sure that the Jackson children knew that it took dedication to be successful, and she has taken this lesson with her throughout her life.

During summer vacations and after school, Julia worked at several of the wineries owned by the Jackson family, and formed a lifelong friendly with the French-speaking daughter of one of the winemakers who worked at the family business. The friendship between the girls led Julia to spend a summer in Bordeaux that changed her life. She learned to speak French and immersed herself in the culture of the city. She shares that learning the French philosophy behind winemaking was one of the highlights of her life. She was also able to obtain a teaching position after mastering the French language.

Julia Jackson now works with the international sales team of Jackson Family Wines and has helped to introduce her family’s quality wines to a younger generation. Jackson is also the cofounder of Rex Apps and graduated from Scripps College with a bachelor’s in Studio Art.

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Everyone wants to reach the high ceilings, but not everyone can work hard and put as much dedication as a man like Jason Halpern. Jason has a lot to teach about self-accomplishment and how to reach the milestones that you give to yourself.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Having assumed the business of the family, in 2010, Jason was at his 35 years old and facing the need to manage an enormous company like the JMH Development, a real estate property development team. Having gathered experience with investing and financial management, he knew that there are many examples in today’s world of people assuming the presidency of a company that they did not know how to manage and it all sinks to failure. Jason Halpern wouldn’t be one of these examples. The businessman, with dedication and study, is now leading JMH and navigating through the competition with one of the most influential real estate companies of today.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

Properties owned by JMH Development are of the highest quality and personality. These include, but are not limited to, the always-featured “184-kent”, an amazing piece of architectural design, which was formerly an old building constructed in 1913, is now revamped as a luxurious property that Jason and his team have helped develop and maintain.

For more extravagant hotels, the South Beach Starwood Hotel has to be mentioned. This large hotel in Miami Beach shines in showing off what the professionals of JMH are capable. It has received the honor of the 2015 Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) Award, earning the spot of Select/Limited Service Development of the Year.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

Last but not least, the Three Hundred Collins, in Miami Beach. This is the condominium that screams innovation the most out of their projects, with a very modern white and glass look to it while surrounded by the best restaurants in the neighborhood.

The JMH Development is always regarded for constructing the Townhouses of Cobble Hill, a construction plan that built nine townhouses around Brooklyn, all of them with excellent quality of design.

Jason’s Family

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the leadership of the newest principal Jason Halpern and his dedication towards leading the business to even higher standards than before. The company has been able to lead the market of luxurious properties, and Jason has invested in this personality and expanded it towards new grounds. He always favors and pays close attention to the historical significance of the buildings and what they represent to the areas where they are.

  1. Halpern didn’t only exceed in leading the 50-years of constructing the company that was left by his family to him, but he is also a philanthropist and a blessing to the communities that he has helped throughout his years of charity and funding. One of his donations includes a non-profitable assistance to provide water to residents of Ethiopia and Nepal.


Executive recruiter, Julie Zuckerberg graduated from Brooklyn College of New York. Her education in philosophy is a strong indicator for why her decision to become involved in talent acquisition made perfect sense. Studying at Brooklyn College provided Julie with the greatest foundation for becoming one of the best recruiters in her field. This pivoting education experience allowed Julie the best opportunity to navigate her recruitment career, for advising senior business leaders on the best recruiting strategies to remain competitive and aligning with compensation trends. Julie has taken this foundation to great heights, and she accomplished securing a position to recruit talent for one of the leading financial institutions in the world.


Julie is currently with Deutsche Bank, a global banking and financial services company. Formerly, Julie was an executive recruiter for Citibank serving almost seven years in tenure. In 2009, Deutsche Bank became the largest foreign exchange trader in the world. Recruitment for the bank grew significantly due to that increase in business. In April 2014, Julie was appointed as their Executive Recruitment Lead for the New York based location. With exceptional business and leadership experience, Julie leads the development and negotiation at Managing Director levels. She is highly-efficient and qualified in the counseling of leadership and executives for governing best recruiting practices. Julie is very well-known for her proficient knowledge in providing strategic direction and coaching to teams, in order to build their operational infrastructures. Her skills are highly-respected by those within the recruitment process and they’re relied upon heavily for large scale diversity initiatives. Julie is excellent at managing business relationships and conveying recruitment needs. She is extremely knowledgeable in using best recruitment practices to increase expertise and engagement, for attracting top talent. Julie uses the best recruiting strategies in order to get the finest candidates available.


With a high demand on her time as an executive recruiter, Julie still finds time to volunteer for many great causes within her community. Julie has developed excellent relationships with organizations that protect animals, and she has a strong position on the ethical and humane treatment of animals. She believes in the compassion for animals and their welfare. She continues to fight for those causes throughout her life, and she remains committed to many non-profit organizations. Julie is also a strong supporter of civil rights causes, human rights, and social action endeavors. Julie supports the Center for Non-Profits, a New Jersey based organization that uses their platform to champion and strengthen charities using advocacy, education and capacity-building programs. The organization has been in effect for over 30 years. As a mind-body conscious person, Julie has a passion for cultivating the right alignment for conscious awareness. She has a great interest in revitalizing the way people eat, live and move. In January 2017, Julie traveled to Barcelona, Spain. Julie enjoys arts and culture events when she is not involved in causes that she devotes her time to. Julie Zuckerberg has a great passion for business, supporting others, and remaining conscious, for a life well-lived.



Getting parents involved in their children’s education is a proven strategy for students’ success. This is why teachers are loving ClassDojo. The communications platform and educational technology tools provided by the company help teachers create positive classroom environments that carry over to the home, increase community buy-in and promote positive cultural value. Communicating with parents using targeted content, such as attendance and participation, has been shown to increase attendance rates at elementary and secondary schools no matter what the socio-economic or cultural background of the students’ families. The technology is not a substitute for great teaching, but rather comes alongside teachers and parents to encourage students. It allows great teachers to be really great, and help their students be great too – which is why it is used in roughly 90% of K-8 schools in the United States and schools in 180 international countries.  More to read on

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ClassDojo is based in San Francisco and the team is made up of engineers, designers and educators from around the world. The free app offers options like allowing parents to log in and observe real-time feedback on classroom participation. Based on, ClassDojo also offers content for home-based learning to enhance continuity; and teachers can keep parents in the loop throughout the school day with regular messaging over the secure social network. Encouragement and interest from adults empowers children. Reaching out to parents with the tools provided by ClassDojo, educators build connections and assist with emotional development. This is proven to be effective in solving problems that undermine student achievement.

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In 2016 the winner of the One Planet Awards was announced, and there was an award ceremony. Winners are chosen internationally. The award is a global program that honours individuals who have shown business and professional excellence. The award is available to companies and organisations of all sizes and all types. The One Planet Awards works in categories such as Marketing, Corporate Communications, PR, teams, executives and other positions, new products and services, and more.

One of the golden awards was granted to Mr Troy McQuagge, and he received the premium for CEO of the year of 2016. He is the chief executive officer of the leading health insurance company USHEALTH Group, Inc. He became an integral part of USHELTH back in 2010. Among his first significant contributions to the organisation was his re – structuring of USHEALTH Advisors – the distribution agency of the main USHEALTH. What Mr Troy McQuagge did was of great benefit to USHEALTH Group. That led the company to hire him and appoint him as CEO and President of USHEALTH Group, Inc. in the middle of 2014. Ever since he started out at that position, USHEALH Group has been registering huge successes. The company has expanded, and the profits have grown higher under his leadership.

Mr Troy McQuagge accepted his One Planet Award at the ceremony. He gave a heartwarming speech and thanked his colleges as well as the One Plant Awards organisation. He spoke about the integrity of USHEALTH Group and how much he values everybody’s hard work. On that note, he shared that he views the award as something that belongs to each and every member of USHEALTH Group and not only to him. For him, the award is a testament to the relationship that USHEALTH Group has with its clients, and for the hard work that everyone has put into making the health insurance company what it is today.USHEALTH Group, Inc. has its main building in the city of Fort West in Texas. It works with self – employed people as well as with small companies. However, USHEALTH Group also provides health insurance for families and individuals.

The diabolic spell of nature that threatened operations at the high-life Squaw Valley entertainment resort seem to be contained. There were reports that Coliform and E. Coli bacteria were identified in the drinking water at the Squaw Valley’s upper mountain, prompting a swift reaction to contain the situation by the resort management. The issue was first reported to the Placer County Department that deals with environmental health, and since then, the mountain water has been subjected to consistent treatment. The latest reports showed stunning improvement rates with three out of four wells at the upper mountain indicating reduced levels of coliform and no sign of E. Coli.


The Squaw Valley Ski Resort issued a statement to ascertain that the situation was being contained and operations would soon return to normalcy. The statement came amid closure of the restaurants at the upper mountain region, with skiers vehemently cautioned against drinking water in the upper mountain wells until the issue is fully resolved. In a statement dated 30th November last year, Liesl Kenny, Public relations director for the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows affirmed the condition and the water quality at the Squaw Valley Upper Mountain.


The cause of contamination, as outlined in the statement, was attributed to the unusual heavy downpour in the month of October. This spawned a terrible havoc of the Squaw Valley’s upgraded water system installed over the summer at the High Camp and Gold Coast, bringing about the contamination. The issue was limited to the upper mountain region only. The resort immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District, while ensuring that the public did not get access to the contaminated water. The statement affirmed the procedural address to the issue until normalcy is retained, contacting help and support from other leading water safety experts to cage the situation.


Kenny stressed on the importance of the safety of the resort for customers, citing that since the wake of the alarming water condition in the region, the resort will not return to the regular water usage at the High Camp or Gold Coast until water safety is assured. Instead, they will have free bottled water for drinking.




Brian Torchin is the CEO and head of HCRC Staffing. Health Care Recruitment Counselor, (HCRC), is a company the deals in career counseling services for people who are working within the health industry by recommending professionals with skills geared toward specific jobs.

As a certified chiropractor himself, Brian Torchin knows more than most about having to find a job and the struggles that come along with the aspirations of achieving a place of finical stability in today’s medicinal job market.

Torchin has made a name for himself and his Health Care Recruitment Counselor Board in the medical world. Through the HCRC initiative, founded by Brian Torchin, not only have young qualified medical professionals been able to obtain careers and connections in their desired field, HCRC has also been able to produce a higher rate of efficient doctors and specialist that will stimulate and expand the ever-growing knowledge of medicinal practices. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Torchin has dedicated many years of his life to bring this staffing program to offices in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Delaware. The construction of the HRCH was accomplished by facilitating these agencies with physicians, physical therapists, physician assistants, and doctors trained in chiropractic procedures that were all overseen and approved by Brian Torchin and his board of trustees.

Even though HCRC is based in Philadelphia, the services provided by the staffing firm are accessible every weekday, weekend, and extended night hours within all 50 States even including some international destinations such as Australia, Canada, Asia and Europe. Multiple testimonies of the outstanding services provided by the company can be seen on the

With statements from certified experts in the medical community praising the ability, integrity, and drive of the HCRC staff, Torchin is a trusted advisor when it comes to enlisting consultants. On social media, Torchin invites applicants to throw their hat into the ring while offering to assist in finding any open positions or associates.

Through the use of the internet, Torchin is able to reach vast amounts of licensed yet unemployed doctors and physicians thus creating a job market for ambitious and capable students.

2009, he opened up Forefront Capital and currently serves as its senior principal executive.

Fabletics is the brand that is getting attention from lots of different parts of the world. This is the company that has shown people that they can look good while they are working out. It is obvious that there is a growth in the number of people that are now hitting the gym on a regular basis. When a business becomes a $250 million dollar organization one cannot help but to take interest in what this organization is doing. That is why Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, may be feeling a bit threatened. There is a level of competition that Fabletics has managed to bring to the table that someone like Jeff Bezos may not have been prepared for. He has shown people that he has mastered the art of selling everything, but this may not actually be the best way to approach clothing for women. Kate Hudson has decided to focus on one thing and one thing only: workout clothes for women.


Women that have their minds on workout clothes are going to see the benefits of using Fabletics to order clothes. There is a strong connection to women that Kate Hudson has that many other companies do not have. It is not like there are no companies that are not selling clothes for women to work out in. Old Navy has clothes like this. Sears, Sports Academy, Dick’s Sporting Goods and a mirage of companies like Belk will have clothing for women that desire to work out.


The great thing about using Fabletics is that there is a connection to a woman that works out. Fabletics is someone that is actually connected to the brand. She is the face of Fabletics. That is why women are going to post comments about Fabletics. That is why women are showing interest in this brand. They really feel like they have an ally in Kate Hudson, and she is the one that is going to continue promoting the brand as new stores open. The new stores that are set to open in 5 years will cover a lot of ground. More than 100 stores are going to come into existence, and this will change the face of the workout clothing industry. More people will become exposed to the brand. This company will elevate to another level. Fabletics has the ability to successfully compete with Amazon and any other company other there.

The wake of the New Year has Americans everywhere contemplating on what changes they have to make moving forward. In 2015, 54% of consumers surveyed by Fidelity Investments planned to make new year financial resolutions. Sam Tabar, a capital strategist, took it upon himself to share his top investments solutions that would help consumers improve their financial returns and plan for their retirement.

Commodity Trading Versus Stock Markets and Mutual Funds

Tabar starts by cautioning against commodity trading citing that the risks of such investments are high. Mutual funds and stock markets are a safe bet for consumers in building their income base. He, however, adds that as new investors entering the market, in-depth research on their target investment is necessary.

Mr. Tabar does not discourage commodity trading for the newcomers without any grounds. He cites that a commodity investor should have enough financial backing to absorb the shock that comes with short-term losses. This allows them to survive in the long run.

Alternative Investor Platforms

Investing in social entrepreneurship is a rewarding opportunity, not only towards gaining returns but also helping others. Knowing this first hand, Sam gives an example with his recent social start-up investment called THINX, a women’s undergarment manufacturer. THINX donates a certain amount of proceeds for each undergarment sold to AFRIpads who give them to poor young African women.

Diversified Portfolios

Mr. Tabar strongly advises against getting caught up in well-performing investments or an impressively competing stock as the hype surrounding it will die down soon enough. He advises investors to foresee the implications of their return on investment when these stocks come crumbling down if they put all their investments in one basket. He further adds on the importance of investing wisely today to avoid future regret.

Why Tabar is the Best at What He Does

Mr. Tabar is a prominent capital strategist and attorney, having graduated from Columbia Law School. He worked as an associate at various law firms including Skadden. During his time at Skadden, he counseled clients on investment management agreements, hedge fund formation, compliance and regulatory issues, and private placement memoranda.

Tabar was a Co-head and the Managing Director of Business Development at SPARX Group (PMA Investment Advisors). He was also the Head of Capital Strategy at the America Merrill Lynch Bank and served as its Director as well. His extensive work as a financial advisor both in Asia and the U.S. makes him perfectly suited to offer reliable financial advice.

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