Redefining private equity Gareth Henry, a seasoned financial expert

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Gareth Henry is a private equity guru with vast experience in finance. He has for the last couple of years acquired expertise working with various organizations. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh, he is among the most brilliant alumni in the actuarial mathematics department. Currently, Gareth Henry works as a Global Head of Investor…

Agera Energy for All Of Your Energy Needs

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For anyone who wants to switch an energy providers, there is no better company than Agera Energy. Agera Energy has been around since 2014 and has already serviced millions of customers across 50 states. Because of the large number of people they have worked with, they have been able to quickly and easily get their…

Agera Energy working for employees and employers

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Agera Energy is a private company born out of New York that specializes in energy. More than 700,000 consumers around the nation can attest to the electricity, natural gas and overall utilities it gives in the same way employees current and former can attest to how Agera Energy company is an employer. According to Agera…


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