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Equities First Holdings is headquartered out of Nairobi Kenya. In 2008 Equities First was awarded the an excellence award for being one of the best banks in Kenya. To date, Equities First Holidings is valued at having assets exceeding $3.8 billion.

The customer base of Equities First Holdings spans across six African countries and services over ten million customers. Equities First began by providing mortgages to low income portions of Africa. By 2015 Equities First acquired seventy nine percent of Pro Credit Bank Congo SARL. This acquisition allowed Equities First Holdings to expand their business and customer base into the sub-Saharan which is Africa’s third most populated country. To know more about him click here.

There have been many groups in the United States that have dedicated resources and funds to fight for the rights of immigrants, refugees, and civil rights. They have persistently pursued implementation of human rights and standards that support policies which fight for civil and human rights.

These groups are all across the country. Among the groups is the Coalition for Humane Immigrants’ Rights (CHIRLA) which works to realize a society that is all inclusive for refugees and immigrants, organization based in California. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin |

Another one of the groups is called the Amazon watch located in San Francisco. The group operates In the Amazon basin, and its aim target is advancing the rights of indigenous people. It also has its focus on environmental organizations. There is also the Advocates for Human Rights who work on the local, regional and global level.

With a 30years presence in fighting for human rights, they aim to the lives of women, children, and immigrants. The ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project is also another active group. The project is committed to protecting the rights immigrants as well as human and civil rights. The project can carry this out since it runs the biggest legal action program countrywide through district court and the Supreme Court.

Among the groups mentioned above, the Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund has been on the forefront of advocating for equal human and civil rights across the country.

The Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund was started by two Journalists, Michel Lacey and Jim Larking, following their illegal detention by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa country. The detention was because they had an article that exposed the sheriff published. Jim and Michel later went through court proceeding which did not follow the due process.

It was because of this that they sued the Maricopa County and the got compensation with a settlement of 3.7 million dollars. They used the money to start the Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund. Michel and Jim through the fund advocate for the freedom of speech by the immigrants as well as supporting human and civil rights.

They have persistently emphasized the need of following the rule of law, and they spent most of their careers doing this. The Lacey and Lurking foundation now funds organizations that advocate for the rights of the immigrants across Arizona.

Among the foundations that the Lacey and Larking fund founded are the American Civil Liberty Union of Arizona (ACLU of Arizona), The Raul Castro Institute, the Florence Immigrant, and Refugee Rights Projects, the Arizona Justice project, Justice for Immigrants and Families Project and the Tucson Samaritans/Los Samaritanos project.

The two Phoenix-based voice media executives have remained resilient in their fight for civil and human rights and a fair justice system for immigrants all across Arizona. After their ordeal, thousands of people have benefited through the organizations and the movements that they have funded so far. Jim and Michel continue to make a positive impact throughout Arizona.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

It was in 2012 that Chris Burch had bought a lesser-known surf resort. This was located on a remote island of Indonesia, called Sumba. He spent three years to develop this property and spent $30 million to do so.

Now the five-star Nihi Resort has opened. This was under the able guidance of legendary hotelier James McBride. Within a year of its opening, it is on the top position in the prestigious list of Travel & Leisure’s Best 100 Hotels Of the world.  Learn more about this impressive resort hotel on

This ranking is based on the voting by the readers of this publication. It has won several awards from other publications. These include Condé Nast Traveler as well as the Telegraph.

He is behind the successful fashion label of his ex-wife too. In addition, Chris Burch is the founder of C. Wonder. It sells apparel along with home decor items on QVC. The research team of Burch Creative Capital recommended the investing in Little Duck Organics besides other technology brands which include Powermat, and NextJump along with Jawbone. More about him on

Chris Burch had invested in the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires around 10 years back. This recent success of Nihi resort indicates that Chris Burch is now adding real estate along with hospitality to his list of investments.  For an update to his recent timeline activities, hit

 A note-worthy article to read here.

Nihiwatu resort had been a remote paradise for those surfers who had been looking for waves in the Indian Ocean that were 20 feet high. Its previous owners were Claude and Petra Graves. They had arrived on this island in 1988 via Berlin, New Jersey along with South Africa. They camped on this beach for many years before they built this resort on this small island. But their business dream was about to collapse due to the financial crisis in Asia besides the social welfare issues of the Sumbanese islanders.

Due to these challenges, they worked along with a technology entrepreneur and tribal elders in order to develop a plan for the future of the island. This resulted in the formation of the Sumba Foundation in 2001. This organization relies on donations from visitors as well as corporates in order to support any kind of humanitarian aid efforts. The volunteers work in order to provide drinking water, reducing malaria and offering educational as well as economic support to the local communities.

Once Chris Burch came to know that the Graves wanted to expand their resort and were looking for investors, he acquired this resort.   Additional article on

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Different fantastic investments exist, but many obstacles limit us from investing and taking the whole idea to a whole different level. Some of the barriers include capital, inadequate information and the fear to fail. However much of the associated risks can be avoided with adequate information. Some people have enough experience in the financial world and can offer financial advice that leads to smart choices when investing. An excellent investment advisor who has the skills and expertise increase the chances of succeeding to a great extent. Paul Mampilly is among the many consultants who are known for his success in the financial sector.

Paul Mampilly is a famous figure, and this is because he always puts himself out there to offer advice to new investors. He has talked on many news channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg. The primary goal is to encourage people who are interested in joining the industry. Paul went ahead and started Profits Unlimited, an investment based newsletter that he uses to get through to a wider range of people. The newsletter has more than 90000 subscribers at the moment, and it entails the knowledge required to make shrewd investment decisions. Paul is also a hedge fund manager who has perfected his skill with several awards to prove it. He participated and won the Templeton Foundation Investment competition.

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Paul Mampilly was born in India but moved to the United States when he was a young man. Paul’s education is an added advantage because it is related to his career. He went to the Fordham University and graduated with an MBA. In 1991, he started his career working for Bankers Trust holding the assistant portfolio manager position. Paul also used to work for legal-based firms such as ING, Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank. All the experienced gained enabled him to earn favor with other corporations. As a hedge fund manager, Paul worked for Kinetics Asset Management and made it positively grow. Paul has a 25 years experience that allows him to work efficiently in the financial industry. Recently, Paul extended his investment advice to cover future investments in areas such as electric vehicles, food delivery systems, and precision medicine.

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Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and current CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His track record contains a successful 40 years with 50 companies across many sectors. From investment, to sourcing the best talent and experience, in combination with his profound and deep understanding of consumer behavior. The main areas of Chris’s success range from multiple industries such as apparel and luxury apparel, investment and financial services, hospitality, and technology.


His most recent project is a revolutionary exotic resort called Nihi Sumba Island in South East Asia. Nihi Sumba Island lies on an exclusive island in Indonesia. Visitors can explore the beaches, waters, jungles, and beautiful hills and hikes on the small island. Chris joined forces with hotelier James McBride in 2012 to dream up the 27 villa resort. The villas are tucked within the islands natural geography and are made from teak wood & natural stones giving each villa a magnificent view.   More about the resort on


The style of construction was based on the idea of finding absolute elegance in a place where most wouldn’t think to find it. The team was dedicated to leaving the natural surroundings of the island completely undisturbed. The villas range in price from $750 per night for smaller villas, up to $14,000 for some very luxurious 5-bedrooms.


It all started with humble beginnings. While studying at Ithaca college, Chris started a brand, Eagle Eye Apparel with his brother and $2,000. They found success selling sweaters door to door campus. In the end they sold the company for $160 million. Check


In addition to the Nihi Sumba Island resort, Chris also focuses on building miniature homes with developer Cocoon9. Cocoon9 is able to build high-quality, yet extremely affordable miniature homes in four months that can be easily transported and installed anywhere between the $75,00 and $225,000 price range.  Related reading here,


All the while Chris’s successful business endeavors don’t take away his attention from participating in a variety of philanthropic pursuits and activities with non-profit organizations world wide. Chris supports medical training by the NY Langone and New York Mt. Sinai Hospital. As well as working with several foundations based in Asia ranging from the China Association of Social Work, the Sumba Foundation (created and funded by the resort), and the China Welfare League of China.

Read his shared insights and point of views, click

Chris’s next plan involves expanding Nihi Hotels throughout the world in order to be accessible to global Millennial travelers. Know his recent timeline activity updates on

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The history of Latin America has seen much socialist hand-wringing and populist platitudes mouthed with the enthusiasm only genuine ideologues can muster. What it has not seen is real progress. This can be seen in the current situation of Venezuela, where a populist government, closely related to the wildly popular demagogue Hugo Chavez, has failed even to meet its citizen’s most basic demands, such as the ability to stay fed and clothed. This unfortunate history of demagoguery, populist incantations and Marxist wealth redistribution has been a feature of the Latin American governance model for as long as history books have been written.

However, certain Latin American countries have been able to break free of this cycle of governmental instability. Brazil is one such example. The country has been able to create an entire class of highly innovative entrepreneurs and a market environment in which those entrepreneurs have been able to freely operate, creating vast wealth for all and fomenting the creation of real social capital of the kind seen in developed countries.

One example of such an entrepreneur is Jose Auriemo Neto, CEO of real estate development firm, JHSF Participaoes, one of the country’s largest. Auriemo Neto has undertaken such ambitious projects as the construction of Sao Paolo Catarina Executive Airport, the first private airport in the Sao Paulo metro area, featuring an 8000 foot runway, long enough to easily accommodate the intercontinental-range jets of the globetrotting elite. Auriemo Neto has long understood that the ability of world cities like Sao Paulo to attract the global rich is one of the greatest tools of real economic development that a city or state can possibly weild.

This ambitious project perfectly illustrates Auriemo Neto’s philosophy of creating developments that will attract economic activity and foment the creation of jobs wherever they are built. Auriemo Neto continues building projects that create vast numbers of permanent jobs and an influx of global capital into the local communities where he is building.

Securus Technologies Company is a United States-based technology solutions company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. For the company, they have always strived to become part of the technology and business solution between the incarceration space and their technology problems. Therefore, Securus Technologies Company has created itself a good name as one of the most trusted companies that strives to achieve the best business results in the correctional space through a wide range of positive reviews flowing in from the numerous correctional spaces they serve in the industry.


For over three decades of experience, Securus Technologies Company has kept on growing to develop a better business review of what is stated in the capacitated business solution in the industry. People seeking fast working solutions never fail to advocate for better business in a way that is not intended to develop an incapacitated business network. For the past few years, the company has embarked on an experience that will shape up the future of technology in the correctional space. This means that the company has developed new mechanisms that deliver the most sophisticated solutions for the prison officials who are seeking better ways to manage the environment with little stress levels. Few companies can compare themselves with Securus Technologies Company as it delivers both customer satisfaction and intended technology solutions in the digital correctional space.


According to Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Company, the company is working hard to develop a new environment that estimates better business in a manner that depicts true business professionalism in the industry. Securus Technologies Company strives to achieve the best result for those working towards achieving a working solution in the intended capacities as better business solutions. Rick Smith also says that the company is proud to receive the numerous positive reviews that will sustain their business solutions in a manner that is not depicted in the world of business.


One of the most remarkable things about Bob Reina is how humble he is throughout all of his success he has had as CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. This is a company that has won awards. As a matter of fact, they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This was a huge honor for them, and when it was time to thank people, Bob Reina made sure to give the proper credit to the IT team. He firmly believes they are the ones that have made Talk Fusion run as smoothly as it has run over the past decade. They are on the cutting edge of what is hip, what is modern, and what is happening out there in the tech world.


Bob Reina, in his own right, is a man that has been able to stand strong on his own two feet. He firmly believes in what he does and he firmly believes in Talk Fusion. He would not have created the company if he did not feel that way. It is why he talks about being on a mission to change lives. Even though he is humble, it does not mean he is just going to sit still and let things happen out there. He knows the power and the impact Talk Fusion can have on the world. He is well aware of it. Because he is well aware of it, he wants to put that to good use. He wants to make sure the product is in as many people’s hands as possible.


He also wants to make sure that those that use Talk Fusion get the most out of it. After all, this is a product that allows people the chance to work from home, which is something that should never be taken for granted. When people work from home, they don’t have to deal with cliques, politics, and the nonsense that many jobs bring with them. They can control their own destiny.


Right now, Talk Fusion has , and I would encourage people to hop on board right now.


Sweetgreen is the high end salad chain that is sweeping the Northeast and making a name for itself along the way. Established by a trio of newly graduated college students, led by Co-CEO Nathaniel Ru, Sweetgreen has established themselves as a restaurant that is intending on building a legacy. Ru says, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

We want to feed more people better food.” This mindset has helped to lead the Sweetgreen revolution, but the work of the founders has been there every step of the way. We’ll take a closer look at what Nathaniel Ru has been able to accomplish in just a few short years.

Nathaniel Ru and his co-founders all attended Georgetown University as classmates. It was there that they took a class about entrepreneurship. They put their head together and slowly modeled the concept of Sweetgreen while attending school, aiming to try and take it live after leaving with their degree. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Along the way the Sweetgreen team managed to establish some ground rules for their success together, focusing primarily on changing the fundamental way that companies are managed and what they stand for.

Early on it was clear that Ru and his team were focused on doing something special. They didn’t want to become the next McDonalds. Ru says, “We don’t believe in big corporate headquarters. We wanted to decentralize our headcount.”

Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet joined Nathaniel Ru as the core three people involved in making Sweetgreen what it is today. What makes them special is not just their outlook on Sweetgreen, but their outlook on life.

The entire founding team comes from a family of first generation immigrants. They used their unique outlook on life as newcomers to the United States in order to inform how they wanted to approach building up the company.

Fundamentally what makes Sweetgreen so successful is that Ru and his team understood early on that there was a market for healthy eating at a fastfood environment.

They knew from their own experiences as a college student that healthy eating was notoriously tough to do ‘on the go’. So that is why they set out to make Georgetown’s campus one of their first homes.

They knew early on that survival as a brand was going to happen when they decided to establish their first location in 2007. Now, ten years later, there are more than 40 Sweetgreen locations throughout the Northeast.

Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Chris Burch is a businessman and investor who is known for taking on huge ventures in the world of fashion. He is considered to be one of the biggest names in the fashion industry and has made a fortune in this sector. Besides the world of fashion, Chris Burch has also invested into numerous different other arrays and fields. Read more of his diverse investments, check this website.

Most recently, he decided to enter into the area of hospitality and build his luxury hotel.

The Nihiwatu, which is what the hotel is called, is located on a private island in Indonesia. Chris Burch saw the island when he made his trip to the country and thought that it would be a beautiful place to build something like this. He spent a roughly around a million dollars on this venture and put in a lot of effort to make the hotel the beauty that it is today. He wanted to gift his children something that would stand the test of time and be a place that they can call home. The Nihiwatu also serves as a holiday home for Chris Burch and his family. They regularly come there to spend their time and relax. Chris Burch has his private villa in the hotel which is one of the most luxurious villas among all the ones that are currently there.  Additional article on

Read his shared insights, check

The Nihiwatu was regarded as one of the top hotels by Travel + Leisure Magazine. The Nihiwatu has seen big names come there since it opened, coming from all around the world. The hotel has twenty-seven villas which come with its luxury amenities. When guests come to the Nihiwatu for the first time, they are greeted by their butler who will be of service to them all the while when they are at the hotel. The Nihiwatu has a luxury spa and restaurant within the premises and also boasts of a ton of other amenities. People visiting the Nihiwatu can expect to experience one of the best vacations when they come to this beautiful hotel.  More reading on

Additional article here.

The hotel has also been brilliant for the entire island. Before the hotel was built, the people of the island mainly engaged in fishing as their primary occupation. Now, with the hotel, the people of the village have access to numerous jobs, which have boosted the overall economy of the island tremendously. The people who work at the hotel are locals who are living on the island and who knows the place inside out.  For update on his timeline activities, hit on

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