Business and Charity Leader Dick DeVos Takes Win at Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Race

While competing in two races hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club, the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup and the Melges 32 Blue Water Series, Dick DeVos and his team took home a win in both races. Sailing in winds hitting as high as 15 knots, this was no easy feat and DeVos talks about his great team, his sailing, and his favorite place to sail, Newport, to reporters post race. I can’t imagine a better team leader than DeVos, who is not only humble but a great leader in business and charity as well.

A well known name in business, Dick DeVos has been a leader in executive positions at well known companies such as NBA’s Orlando Magic, Amway, and most recently The Windquest Group. I was impressed to hear that during his final year working for Amway, the company pulled in 4.5 billion dollars in sales and was well known as the CEO of Orlando Magic for three years. He graduated from Northwood University and has been married to Betsy DeVos for 35 years now.

It didn’t surprise me either to learn that the business leader and family man was also at the forefront of massive amounts of charity work. He created Education Freedom Fund, and the West Michigan Aviation Academy. In addition to this, he has been the chair of refreshing the Grand Rapids downtown area and regional healthcare system, which saw millions of dollars in renovations under his lead. In addition to this, he is also the author of the best selling book “Rediscovering American Values“, published in 1997. The book has received outstanding reviews and can be read in as many as seven different languages.

An all around great guy, I admire Dick DeVos for his dedication to his family and charity work as well as his role in business leadership. The aviation fanatic, sailor, and father to seven seems to know what it takes to be a great American leader and business man.

He is a well known name that has earned its recognition, pulling his weight and setting values that any family and business man would want to strive to model for their family, friends, and nation.

  1. Garrett Scott

    Winning the Corinthian Blue Water Series was Team Hydra, but the overall goal of the race was to allow the kids on the team to gain experience, so they could someday pass on their experience to other sailing teams. The truth of the matter is that could have given them everything they have ever wanted which is indeed very special.

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