Reifler’s Investment Tips

Most people begin investing into a portfolio because they want to make more money. The stock market can either make or break a person though. Sometimes, there are big gains, but much of the time there are losses. If a low to middle income person is doing the investing, a big loss can be crippling because that might be their entire life savings. Brad Reifler disagrees with this though. He says it limits the poor from potentially multiplying their earnings significantly as the wealthy do. He also thinks that the investment rules are based on the assumption that the poor are uneducated and incapable of making wise investment decisions, and the rules should be changed, so they can invest in what they want to. Until this happens, those with limited incomes have to be smart with their money if they want it to grow. To help, Reifler offered five tips for safer investing.

1. Consider what the end goal is, and choose an investment plan that fits it. By clearly defining your objective, you can create a plan that works towards it with a rate of growth that you are comfortable with.

2. Hire an investor that you can trust and count on. If you have any doubts about the investor you are with then move on to one you know has your best interests in mind.

3. Don’t put your whole life savings into the stock market. Always have a separate savings account.

4. Keep a careful watch on all of your money and investments.

5. Make decisions about investments carefully and based on your end objective.

There are more tips on Brad’s Twitter, or you can also visit his official website for more information on his methodology.  Brad has put a lot of time into investment advice for the middle class, and beyond stressing the importance of diversifying your portfolio, he’s there to help.

  1. Garrett Bright

    To help protect these lower income people in the stock market, the government created provisions limiting their ability to invest in high-risk stock market ventures if their net worth is less than one million dollars. It is so cool that professional paper writing can be used by all of us to gauge their performance too.

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