Charles Koch’s on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Support

Charles Koch is a famous American business persons and philanthropist who lives in Wichita, Kansas. He co-owns the Koch Industries with his brother David Koch. Besides business and being a philanthropist, he has a significant influence on American politics.

He recently held an interview with a reporter from WSJ and stated that he could support Hillary Clinton in the forthcoming general election that will be held in November. During the interview, he went ahead and said that there were some doubts about her rhetoric, but the message that comes out is that Charles is not a happy conservative camper.

This may be a big blow to Donald Trump, and he needs to talk to Charles about the point and purpose of politics. If Trump gets the chance to speak to Charles Koch, he would get to know the reasons why he is considering to support Hillary Clinton. According to the article, he would find it more counter intuitive that he would expect and it does not have anything to do with Clinton but the challenges that Trump will have to face in the general election.

His number of years speaks a lot, and he has also a number of years playing a part in the American politics. This makes him be considered as one of the wise heads of the conservative movement. This should not be confused with him supporting the Republican, it refers to him being in the conservative movement. They actually do share something in common with Trump in that they are both outsiders and even if people say that Charles is a Republican Death Star.

The comments from Charles Koch about Clinton are a disappointment for where the conservative project is heading. Multiply the comments of Koch with the number of national base of conservative donors and you will see the impact. Anyone that will be trying to unify the Republican Party has to face the problem that, not only now run-down the ballot, but also the donors. The risk that Donald faces is that donors may stop giving their contributions, something that he needs desperately to top up on what he already got.

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  1. Garrett Barner

    The remarks may have turned out as a shock to Donald Trump given that he has cozy association with the Koch’s sibling who lives in Manhattan, particularly as individuals allude to him as the half of the Koch siblings. This is supposed to be what coupons could have done to ensure everything works in their best interest and that is really how it’s supposed to be too.

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