Shea Butter: What Are The Benefits?

When you think of shea butter, you’re probably thinking about all the ways it will help moisturize your skin. While you may be correct, there are other reasons why shea butter is a very sought after ingredient. It’s all natural, organic and healthy for your skin. There are many uses for shea butter, thanks to the way that it is earth grown and beneficial to humans. She butter has everything you need to get healthy skin, and does so in several ways. Ways that you probably weren’t aware of yourself.

Shea butter is not so much as a butter, as it is a fat. This fat comes from the fruit of the African Shea Tree, which is an edible fruit enjoyed by many. The fat, or shea butter itself, is also used to cook in various countries. It is safe to ingest, all natural and used for many different recipes. When it comes to skin, shea butter knows moisture. You’ve probably seen it in some of the skincare that you have bought, but what is most beneficial is pure shea butter. In addition to moisturizing, it also helps naturally produce collagen which has an anti-aging effect. It promotes good elasticity which is perfect for any women who is pregnant and looking to prevent stretch marks. Use it on scars to help make the severe lines disappear. If you have a wound that is swollen, topically apply shea butter to the swelling and watch it go down. The benefits are ongoing- you cant go wrong with shea butter.

If you’re looking to purchase a great brand of shea butter, check out Choose from three different formulas, that each help specific issues. The pregnancy formula is great for preventing those unsightly marks and lines throughout pregnancy and after. The dermatological formula is great for people with skin issues that are more severe like excema. And lastly, the everyday formula. Use this to ensure the most moisturized skin daily! You won’t be disappointed with Eugenia Shea’s all natural shea butter formulas.


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