New Year Financial Resolutions from Sam Tabar

The wake of the New Year has Americans everywhere contemplating on what changes they have to make moving forward. In 2015, 54% of consumers surveyed by Fidelity Investments planned to make new year financial resolutions. Sam Tabar, a capital strategist, took it upon himself to share his top investments solutions that would help consumers improve their financial returns and plan for their retirement.

Commodity Trading Versus Stock Markets and Mutual Funds

Tabar starts by cautioning against commodity trading citing that the risks of such investments are high. Mutual funds and stock markets are a safe bet for consumers in building their income base. He, however, adds that as new investors entering the market, in-depth research on their target investment is necessary.

Mr. Tabar does not discourage commodity trading for the newcomers without any grounds. He cites that a commodity investor should have enough financial backing to absorb the shock that comes with short-term losses. This allows them to survive in the long run.

Alternative Investor Platforms

Investing in social entrepreneurship is a rewarding opportunity, not only towards gaining returns but also helping others. Knowing this first hand, Sam gives an example with his recent social start-up investment called THINX, a women’s undergarment manufacturer. THINX donates a certain amount of proceeds for each undergarment sold to AFRIpads who give them to poor young African women.

Diversified Portfolios

Mr. Tabar strongly advises against getting caught up in well-performing investments or an impressively competing stock as the hype surrounding it will die down soon enough. He advises investors to foresee the implications of their return on investment when these stocks come crumbling down if they put all their investments in one basket. He further adds on the importance of investing wisely today to avoid future regret.

Why Tabar is the Best at What He Does

Mr. Tabar is a prominent capital strategist and attorney, having graduated from Columbia Law School. He worked as an associate at various law firms including Skadden. During his time at Skadden, he counseled clients on investment management agreements, hedge fund formation, compliance and regulatory issues, and private placement memoranda.

Tabar was a Co-head and the Managing Director of Business Development at SPARX Group (PMA Investment Advisors). He was also the Head of Capital Strategy at the America Merrill Lynch Bank and served as its Director as well. His extensive work as a financial advisor both in Asia and the U.S. makes him perfectly suited to offer reliable financial advice.


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