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Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and current CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His track record contains a successful 40 years with 50 companies across many sectors. From investment, to sourcing the best talent and experience, in combination with his profound and deep understanding of consumer behavior. The main areas of Chris’s success range from multiple industries such as apparel and luxury apparel, investment and financial services, hospitality, and technology.


His most recent project is a revolutionary exotic resort called Nihi Sumba Island in South East Asia. Nihi Sumba Island lies on an exclusive island in Indonesia. Visitors can explore the beaches, waters, jungles, and beautiful hills and hikes on the small island. Chris joined forces with hotelier James McBride in 2012 to dream up the 27 villa resort. The villas are tucked within the islands natural geography and are made from teak wood & natural stones giving each villa a magnificent view.   More about the resort on


The style of construction was based on the idea of finding absolute elegance in a place where most wouldn’t think to find it. The team was dedicated to leaving the natural surroundings of the island completely undisturbed. The villas range in price from $750 per night for smaller villas, up to $14,000 for some very luxurious 5-bedrooms.


It all started with humble beginnings. While studying at Ithaca college, Chris started a brand, Eagle Eye Apparel with his brother and $2,000. They found success selling sweaters door to door campus. In the end they sold the company for $160 million. Check


In addition to the Nihi Sumba Island resort, Chris also focuses on building miniature homes with developer Cocoon9. Cocoon9 is able to build high-quality, yet extremely affordable miniature homes in four months that can be easily transported and installed anywhere between the $75,00 and $225,000 price range.  Related reading here,


All the while Chris’s successful business endeavors don’t take away his attention from participating in a variety of philanthropic pursuits and activities with non-profit organizations world wide. Chris supports medical training by the NY Langone and New York Mt. Sinai Hospital. As well as working with several foundations based in Asia ranging from the China Association of Social Work, the Sumba Foundation (created and funded by the resort), and the China Welfare League of China.

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Chris’s next plan involves expanding Nihi Hotels throughout the world in order to be accessible to global Millennial travelers. Know his recent timeline activity updates on

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