Bridget Scarr, the writer and singer with a vision to change how social media operates

Bridget Scarr is a songwriter, singer, executive producer, and writer located in London, United Kingdom. She loves creative writing and is currently working on her first novel which will be a fantasy epic. Bridget believes that following her passions in writing, she has been able to relieve herself from past life traumas. She uses her skills in developing media content for television, online content, and interactive exhibitions. Bridget can interact with her audience both emotionally and intellectually.


Bridget Scarr has over 15 years’ experience in producing television content. She has been responsible for developing animation content, entertainment programs, lifestyle features, drama, and factual content. She has successfully worked with teams that comprise of 5 people to 220 people. She currently heads content development, strategies, and partnerships at Colibri Studios, London. Bridget works with developing daily content with international television broadcasters and project partners to bring creative talent to life on television. Colibri Studios takes a combination of strategic thinking through technology and in-depth research to come up with content that can be used on various platforms.


Bridget is a strong believer in family time. She ensures she has lunch with her family daily since it enables them to spend quality time together. Every evening, she ensures that she takes her son for a walk together with her husband and play in the park before dinner time. Bridget always starts her day with meditation. This helps her in staying energized and focused. She always keeps her phone away as she commutes to work, this enables her focus on the objectives that she has set out for the day.


Bridget Scarr is currently working on a reality project that sets to have users connect to history via each other’s stories. The project will be app based. The app will put together factual elements that the users have been through, and by utilizing landmarks and monuments around them. Users will then be able to receive information on what happened around specific areas at a given time. The app also will relate different stories from different people and put them together. Bridget is now looking at the feasibility of her idea. She is looking for a person to partner with in finding out how to link historical audio and video content to landmarks. This is the basis of the entire framework of the application. She also needs people who will share their real-life stories to create an emotional experience for the users. Once she realizes all this plus a team to envision the application, she will be good to go.


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