Luz Carlos Trabuco Will Ensure that the Leadership Transition at Bradesco does not Affect its Margins

Leadership transitions in companies are both inevitable and essential. Since organizations cannot avoid them, the smarter ones make sure to have processes and systems in place that facilitate smooth transitions. One such organization is Brazilian lender, Bradesco. The bank unexpectedly found in itself needing to appoint a new president after a top-level resignation in October. The previous chairman of the board, Lazaro Brandao decided to resign from his position due to old age, thus prompting his deputy on the board, Luiz Carlos Trabuco to be appointed as his replacement. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has also been serving as the bank’s president. Consequently, his promotion to the post of chairman has created the need to select a replacement.

A New President

Since Bradesco was founded over seven decades ago, it has only had four presidents. Each of these four men is a legendary banker in his own right. Consequently, the bank will be looking to select the best candidate to add on to its prestigious list of presidents. The new president will be selected by the Bradesco board and be presented to the shareholders at a gathering scheduled to take place in March 2018. Most of the named that have been thrown around in speculation are of the current executive vice presidents at the bank. In particular, Octavio Lazari, Alexander da Silva Gluher, Mauricio Machados Minas and Josue Pancini have been the most talked about.

Building on the Foundation Laid By Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Just as Luiz Carlos Trabuco did with his predecessor, Marcio Cypriano’s work when he was appointed to replace him in 2009, the incoming president will have to build on what Trabuco has done. Fortunately, Trabuco’s work over the last nine years has been quite significant as it has led to Bradesco becoming one of the strongest private banks in the country. For instance, two years ago he orchestrated a multibillion-dollar acquisition of HSBC Brazil. The addition of the mid-tier bank’s assets and customers to those Bradesco made Bradesco significantly close in one the number one spot among private lenders in the country. Equally, the incoming president will be expected to continuing growing the bank while aiming to bring more pride the bank’s way by undisputedly claiming that number one spot.

Destined for the Top

Since his early days at Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco always seemed destined for the very top. He was first employed by the bank in 1969, aged only 18. While he did not have any academic qualifications in banking or any form of experience in the industry, his dedication and affinity for leadership shone through even at that age. As search, he did not continue serving in an entry position for long. In 1971, he got his first promotion as his station was transferred from the bank’s Marilia branch to the head office in Sao Paulo. From then on it was simply promotion after promotion across the various facets of banking that Bradesco had operations in. Consequently, by the time he got named the bank’s president in 2009, he had already worked in marketing, insurance and a raft of other important areas in the financial sector. As such, he has for the last few years been considered an all-rounded banking executive. In the last nine years that he has been the president of the ban, he has consistently proven this assertion by employing a combination of shrewdness and innovation to get the desired result. Therefore, when Lazaro Brandao announced that he would be stepping aside, the only logical choice to succeed him was Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Read more on Trabuco: Despite the uncertainties, investors believe in the country:



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