Nihiwatu Resort: The Biggest Investment Made By Chris Burch

The Asian Pacific region is home to many dream vacation destinations due to the beautiful white sand beaches and many nature garden spots, but one resort that leads the way is Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia’s Sumba Island. This resort has villas built from the finest woodwork and all have magnificent views out to the ocean. You could also take a trip to a spa in the resort that could be right beside or behind a waterfall. For those who want the extra special luxuries for their honeymoon, that’s what this resort offers as it’s rated as the World’s Best Hotel by Business Insider. The chief owner and investor of this paradise land is Chris Burch, the CEO of Burch Creative Capital and real estate mogul.

Chris Burch’s company looks to get brand new companies off the ground by finding the most creative ideas for them and matching his company philosophy with the startups’ capabilities. His portfolio is quite full of fashion and lifestyle brands that have made it big including the ED brand launched by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. He became interested in Nihiwatu Resort several years ago because it was a destination where he could put his imagination to work and create something that could rarely be found elsewhere. More about this resort investment on   Burch even has a multimillion dollar home that he travels to throughout the course of the year.  For an entrepreneur’s view on business related matters, check

Chris Burch began having business aspirations as a young man attending a small college in Ithaca, NY. As a side hobby to make extra money in school, he would buy sweaters from a local factory for $10 and sell them for $15. His sweaters soon became high in demand and Chris Burch and his brother started buying more and selling them full-time until they eventually bought their own factory. This new company of theirs became known as Eagle Eye Apparel, and after about 15 years of running it, Burch sold it and began founding other businesses.  Related article here.

Some of Chris Burch’s key investments include the Tory Burch fashion brand, Internet Capital Group, Voss Water and Powermat. The Faena Hotel+ Universe was one of Burch’s first major real estate development projects, and from there he began buying and renovating other million-dollar homes across Long Island and New England including a $14 million home in Southampton later sold for $25 million. Burch was also once a film producer for a 1993 romantic comedy known as “Watch It.”

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