Rocketship Education; a new error of scholarship

Rocketship Education is a non- profit organization that establishes schools in low-income societies with the objective of eradicating the success gap in the current school schemes. Rocketship was founded in 2007 and operates close to twenty schools in three stated of the United States. It began its operations when the floods started causing hazards to parents of school going children causing them to lose their homes, furniture, food and all basic needs. Rocketship came up with a way to help these families by partnering with Catholic Charities who help them raise funds to offer support for these families.

Rocketship Rocketeers (the name given to Rocketship students) have received support and empowerment from the organization for a decade now. This is done through teachers who are specialized in critical studies and who are also encouraged to familiarize with their students and their families. They do this by visiting the students’ homes with the intent of getting more knowledge on their students’ challenges, histories and family situations. By doing so, they can individualize each child’s education to their own experiences and are also able to offer personal directives that the scholars need to shine in their studies.

In February 1017, several families lost multiple of their properties in the San Jose floods. The Rocketship Education rose to the occasion and raised over sixty thousand dollars to assist thirty of the rocketeer families that were affected by the floods. These funds helped the families find places to stay, repair their homes and replace their lost essential property and above all, keep their children in school.

Rocketship has created an involved, concerned and collaborating system of parents, educators, and learners. Together, they aim at preparing these scholars for an amplified digitalized and internationally cohesive economy. They prepare these students to navigate the trials, difficulties, and prospects of life by modeling the significance of strong associations as well as mastery of classroom materials.

‘I am a Rocketship Rocketeer at home, at school, and in my community.’ This is the organization’s creed that is recited by several benefactors that have nothing but words of appreciation to the organization.


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