Clay Hutson’s New Tour Managing Opportunity

Every time one rises and becomes a star in their line of passion, everybody else is alert to notice every move they make especially if one is a big fan of such characters. For such named individuals, it requires them to live up to the challenge so that their star does not glow dim. This entails the staff team, the resources, and everything else being lit. For Halsey, a pop singer for contemporary world music, he understands that very well. That is why she would ensure that she has strong music acts, improved & quality tech equipment, and a qualified tour manager capable of bringing everything into a thrilling move. She considers Clay Hutson for a tour manager.


Halsey was raised in music times, this drew her attention to music and within a short time, she released music on social media. However, she did not become popular at that point until 2014 when her breakthrough as a commercial artist kicked off. In three years’ time, she had climbed up the ladder ad scored her very first top 10 hit, “Bad at Love”. For Clay Hutson, managing a big tour is a usual experience for him and his reputation in the music industry has grown over years. He has an incredible work experience and performance which includes working with great music artists like Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Prince, and Guns N’Roses.


The demand for his services in the business led to putting up a new business or rather a company. At first, it was not an easy investment because of the capital necessities but he declares that his instincts led him in the right direction and became fortunate in the end. One of the encouraging factors is that he easily landed new and good customers. With that sorted, he would give it his best in terms of hard work and consistency and within time, it really would pay back. Seeing growth of his company and career, in general, was not an easy time for Clay but he held in there. In the new engagement with Halsey, one of the likeliness in their work is that they are social media users and their building of businesses is through the social platforms and word of mouth.


Clay Hutson is a competent production manager and sound engineer offering broad categories of services to his clients. They entail production design, show producer, monitor engineer, logistics management, rigging, stage management, and productions management. The three major sectors he actively engages in is event managing, music production, and music in general. Learn more:



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